How To Get The Most Out Of Your Calls To Action

I’m back with another Monday Marketing post, and today’s topic is all about the Call To Action tactic and why we need to think more carefully about how to use them.

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What’s a Call To Action?

For those who don’t know, a Call To Action is a marketing tactic that induces the reader to perform an act as instructed.

This can be with a simple text or an image or a direct request in a video etc.

A Call to Action or CTA can be as simple as adding the phrase “Buy Now” at the end of a blog post about your book.


Types of Calls To Action

Not all Calls To Action are the same, so think about which type of CTA would work best for the different content you post.

Often people tend to go straight to the “buy now” CTA, in the hope of gaining a sale at all costs.

There’s nothing wrong with this type of CTA, but your marketing should be more than just constantly driving sales.

Always aim to have a CTA on your content.  Not sure what type of CTA to include?  Check out these:


Since I’ve already mentioned this, I’ll start here.  Driving sales whether of your own book or for things like affiliate products etc require Sale CTAs.  These are the ones where you ask your followers to “buy my book” or “enrol in my course.”

These types of CTAs are often designed to encourage immediate reactions.  This can be done with “limited time” offers or the use of a bonus for say, the first 100 subscribers.


These are the CTA’s that encourage your readers or viewers to engage with you.  This can be in the form of asking them to leave a comment or share their thoughts or complete a poll.

This allows you to gather feedback which you can use to track your progress or make changes.

Lead Capturing

This type of CTA is designed to encourage your readers to sign up.  The most common sign up is getting people to join your mailing list or newsletter.

This allows you to share more exclusive content such as updates as well as developing a platform for more tailored marketing.


This type of CTA works best for blogs and on social media, where you encourage people to share your content.  Social media already makes it easy for people to share content so this is a simple CTA to try if you are not sure where to start.

Most people love to share content they enjoy, many without needing to be prompted.  But adding a simple line at the end such as “if you enjoyed this, please share it with your friends” can be a great way for people to engage.

Event Invite

This CTA is for when you are hosting an event or party.  Maybe you are running an online launch party, or a group chat.

This is where your Event Invite CTA comes it, to spread the word and ask people to commit to coming to the party allowing you to track the number of people who will attend.

Traffic Driver

This type of CTA is designed to drive your readers towards other content.  This is done in blogging all the time, where within an article you will find links to other articles that are relevant to the topic.

These can be internal links (those directing people to other content on your site) or external links (those that direct people to other websites).


Appropriate use of CTAs

CTAs like any marketing should be done with thought.  Don’t just fill every piece of content with as many CTAs as you can.

For example, don’t drop in links to other articles that have no connection to what your readers are reading.  Don’t invite people to an event that is months and months away (let them know it’s happening, but don’t start an Event Invite too early).

If you give your readers too many CTAs all at once, they can become overwhelmed and be more likely to do none.

So decide which one or two works best for each piece of content and use the CTA(s) that complement it.

Happy writing

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