Writers, learn how to talk to people

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another Monday Marketing post.  Today I want to discuss the how not to talk to people.  In a marketing sense, there are definitely some right and wrong ways to deal with people.

A quick thanks to all those who sent supportive messages, following my last blog post.  I am feeling better and I’m sorry I had to miss Friday’s post. 

Writers, learn how to talk to people. How NOT to sell your book.

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EDIT: unfortunately I took an unexpected turn for the worst, so no blog post. Since this illness is not playing fair I will just wait until I’m sure I’m on the mend before trying to post. Thanks for your kind words and patience.


Due to currently being under the weather, today’ post will be coming out tomorrow.  I just need today to rest and recuperate.

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How To Research Properly For Your Mystery Novel [Mystery Month]

Something has come up and I can’t complete today’s post. However, rather than not post, thought I would share this article by Rachel Poli about mystery writing. Enjoy and do check out Rachel’s other posts.

Rachel Poli

For me, the writing process is pretty straightforward and fairly simple. I outline, then I write. Then I edit and rewrite and so on and so forth.

During the outlining part of the process, that’s when I do the bulk of my research. When it comes to writing about mystery, there’s a lot of research to do.

How To Research Properly For Your Mystery Novel | Mystery Month | Creative Writing | RachelPoli.com

Who is who

One thing I always look up is ranks of the people in law enforcement, what their job entails, what tools they use, and what day to day life is like for them while working.

For example, I’ll research a coroner and figure out where they typically work, what tools they use to examine bodies, the paperwork they draw up, what they do day in and day out, and more.

The same goes for a detective, police chief, forensic scientists, and more.

How to kill

Yes, we all have to research…

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