The Path Of Least Resistance

I had a random epiphany recently.  It started when I woke up feeling rather manic and hyperactive.  During the hour my partner was away at an appointment, I got my usual chores done... then about 20 other things.  (It was a really good day!)  One of the things I managed to do was organise my bedside cabinet.  I was just wrapping up my headphones and popping them in their zippered case, to go in the top drawer when I realised, that was dumb! Let me explain...

Editing Tips: What To Check When It Feels Like Something Is Missing

Today I’m sharing another awesome post from author K.M. Allan who wrote an excellent post about things to check when editing when it seems as if something’s missing. Check it out!

K.M. Allan

Well, you did it. You took that spark of an idea, fleshed it out into an entire book, edited the last page for the last time, and finished one final read-through.

The book is done. At least it should be. As proud as you were, there was a little voice in your head as you scanned those sentences and absorbed the full story. A little voice that nagged it wasn’t ready yet.

While a book may never be finished for the author, sometimes it’s more than just being a perfectionist.

If you hear a little voice during a read-through, listen to it. Most likely, it’s picking up on the things a reader will, like that cliffhanger line falling flat or that scene feeling rushed.

You’re missing “something” but you’re not sure what. To help, here’s a list of things to check and then fill in to polish your book to…

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November Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

It's check in time!  If you're new to this blog, the First Friday of every month is my Monthly Goals blog post, where I go through last months goals and mark up whether I completed them or not and then list the new goals.  October was the month I implemented, with gusto, my New System, and so far it's been a screaming success as you will see by my goals!  (who would have thought?!)

Self Publishing (The Right Way) is not free by Yecheilyah Ysrayl

Self-Publishing (The Right Way) Is Not Free

Today, I’m sharing another awesome article, this one is by Yecheilyah Ysrayl who does a great job of discussing the different types of publishing methods and why self-publishing, if done right, isn’t free.

The PBS Blog

I read a book a couple of weekends ago. I feel it has the utmost potential. To be clear, this isn’t a book from my book review service. I read this book on my own time from an author I do not know. I enjoyed the testimony; I loved the cover, and I can relate to much of the information.

Unfortunately, the book was in such terrible need of editing and formatting that it was troublesome to get through, which broke my heart. I am not usually ultra-sensitive to typos and such when reading a book for leisure. I am only irritated when the errors are so bad I can’t enjoy or understand the story.

I could tell very little money went into this book’s production just from reading it.

That is when I knew what I wanted to write to you as we enter this new month.

I know…

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