How to Decide on your Social Media Platform

Firstly, big thanks to everyone who listened to my audio interview in last Friday’s post and gave their support.  It was truly appreciated and has removed some of the terror from such activities.  I had always wanted to start doing tutorials and interviews on YouTube so that interview was the first step to conquering some fear that was, obviously, stopping me from trying!

Anyway, onto today’s topic:

Banner - social media platform

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My Audio Interview on Ex Libris

Since I have been trying to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and make sure my anxiety does not stop me from trying new things, I agreed to do an audio interview with my good friend Michael on his YouTube Channel – Ex Libris.

I just want to say a big thank you to Michael for inviting me to partake in this interview as well as for making me feel comfortable so that I didn’t have a freak out during it.  He made it very calm and relaxing for me.

Check out my interview below as well as other ones he has hosted, also, check out his website – Tales from the Galactic Empires

Damn, do I hate my voice.  When people learn you’re from England, they all think we have these lilting posh voices…. err, nope.  Mine is a harsh Northern voice.

Promote Your Blog in 2018

Since I am once again ill and unable to blog myself, I am reblogging this. What a great idea, so check it out and promote your blog – but also, check out the other blogs listed in the comments, you may find some new awesome blogs to follow! 🙂 Spread the love


Hi Everyone,

In 2017 I started a blog post called “Promote Your Blog” where fellow bloggers could share and promote their blog with the MIU community. This post resulted in 25,000+ views and 4,000+ bloggers sharing the who, what and why behind their blog.

I want to create a new directory to even out the playing field for newcomers to the blogging community. If you shared your blog in 2017, please feel free to share it again. To the newcomers, please leave a description about what readers might find if they visit your site. Also, remember to include a link to your blog.

Hopefully this will create some positive synergy for our very special blogging community. Let’s make 2018 the year of less perfection and more connection. Also, feel free to reblog this post so we can get more people involved. Happy blogging everyone!

Dr. Perry

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Flash Fiction: The Wish

This flash fiction was written when I answered a request by author, Katharina Gerlach, who wanted flash fictions were the main focus was a Tree.  This was part of a Writing Advent Calendar.   

In my continued effort to push my comfort zone, I am sharing this here on my blog as well.  Hope you enjoy!  Any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment. 

Lonely Tree in Fog

The tree appeared one day.

As the sun crested the horizon, Jonah looked out of the window to find a mature tree, dense with foliage in the corner of his garden. Leaves the colour of moss rustled in the winter breeze.

He staggered out, pulling on his coat against the chill that tore up his spine when he realised just where the tree had grown. His thick-soled boots crunched through the snow.

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GP: Believable vs Realistic Fight Scenes by Wilmar Luna

For my first guest poster of the year, I can think of no one better than my awesome friend Wilmar Luna, author of The Silver Ninja.  I am lucky enough to be a beta reader to his novel and I’m loving it.  In this article, Wilmar discusses believable vs realistic fight scenes.  Enjoy!       

Wilmar Closeup Headshot B&W small2Believable vs Realistic Fight Scenes

by Wilmar Luna

Hello everyone!  I’d like to thank Ari for once again inviting me to guest post on her blog. The last time I stopped by I spoke of failure and finding the motivation to recover from a disastrous beta read.

Now that my book is scheduled to be released this year (the one which had a disastrous beta read) I finally decided on a topic I think would be useful for aspiring authors.

It’ll also be great promotion for my book which I have been reluctant to do because I didn’t see the point in a promoting a book 3 years away from being published.

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Hello 2018 – The “No Excuses” Year

As my last post of 2017 was a wrap up of the year, let’s make my first post of 2018 goals for what I want to achieve this year. 

Red Goals Word Shows Objectives Hope And Future

[ Blogging ]

Despite having had this blog since 2013, I didn’t really start blogging until 2016 and only in 2017 did I find my feet with it and blog more regularly.

I am aiming to keep up the Monday and Friday blog posting schedule along with the Wednesday Guest posting.  So if you’re a writer, I may very well be chasing you for a guest post!

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Goodbye, 2017 (Wrap Up)

hoar-frost on plants in winter

Well as we slink towards the end of 2017, I thought I would do a wrap up as way of a last blog post for the year.

[ Life ]

The year started badly when my sister went into a coma.  Followed shortly after by another family member going missing.  Thankfully my sister recovered and the family member was found.

Then there was the closing of my office, meaning I was out of a job.  Definitely put a crimp in my plans since suddenly money became tight.

That was followed with a “Bold Move” plan were we decided to leave England and move to Northern Ireland.

We are still coming to terms with the change, but we have plans to get us where we want to be and we are trying to stick to them.

IMG_20160319_214147Sadly the year ended badly when we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Marvel.  She was over 16 years old, had hyperthyroidism and had recently developed a heart problem.

She took a bad turn last Saturday and was rushed to the vets, were we had to make the heart-breaking decision to let her go.  Both myself and my partner were with her at the end, which we are truly grateful for but her passing has left us hollow.

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