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Why you need to change your Email Organisation

Emails have always been a bane in my life. Yes they have their uses and it makes things so much faster and efficient, but we are drowning in emails and many of us find our inboxes are just becoming a digital hoard of messages we can’t organise or clear.

Here is how I organise my email systems to make things easier.

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Want to be part of the Writer’s Guide?

If you’ve been visiting this blog for a while, you will most likely have seen my A Writer’s Guide series that usually goes live on Sunday’s.

These articles are written by guest writers who share their knowledge and expertise with all you lovely readers.

Well, I’m looking for more guests to be part of this series. Want to gain some exposure, share your knowledge and help other writers? Here’s what you need to know…

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How to get more bookshelf space

Every avid book lover knows the frustration of running out of bookshelf space. I am no different. Also, since I love me some paperbacks using a kindle to solve this problem just isn’t the answer for me.

So here’s how I gave myself more space.

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