TitleImage - Characters

A collection of my articles (and some other peoples) discussing advice, tips and things to consider when creating characters for your novels.

How to make realistic, memorable characters pt.1

How to kill off your characters

How to come up with great character names

How to avoid writing a Mary Sue character

How to write a great anti-hero character

How to avoid female stereotypes in your novel

How to avoid male stereotypes in your novel

How to write a massive cast of characters

Does your story fail the Bechdel Test?

How to create strong character voices

How to develop strong character interactions

How to write good gay characters (from Uchiha at How To Write A Book Now)

How to write people of colour (from MariNaomi at Midnight Breakfast)

How to write about other cultures (from Lian at

Writing female characters

Writing male characters

Introducing new characters