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A collection of articles covering the different ideas for Marketing, how to Brand yourself and the Business side of writing.

How to use Social Media for your Marketing

Why Personal Branding and Exposure are Important

Should you really offer your books for Free?

Why it’s Important for Writers to have Blogs

How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Why you Need to Define Success for You

Why it’s super important for you to get book reviews

How to create an awesome Author Website

How to build your brand as a writer

When is a Writer not a Writer

Why you need to know your Audience

Why you need a Marketing Plan

How to decide on your Social Media platform

How to build a Content Calendar

How to use Website Grader to boost your blog

Why you need to cultivate an online presence

Writers, 9 important things you need to know about marketing

How to improve with learning through Skillshare (freebie included!)

How to promote yourself with business cards

How to create a strong Marketing Strategy

How to tempt readers with a sample of writing

How to boost your Marketing with collaboration

Writers, why you need to do a SWOT analysis

Is it time for you to do a rebrand?

ReBlog: Why a series reboot is a bad idea and why I did it by Wilmar Luna

Why it’s important to have a Marketing Timeline

How to use Facebook Graph Search to find your audience

How to make use of locations in your marketing

Traditionally publishing? Yes, you still need to do marketing

How to get the most out of your Calls to Action

Why it’s important to invest in yourself

What NOT to do in your Marketing

Why you need to stop comparing yourself to other writers

Why other writers are not your competition (featured on Planet Simon’s blog)

Are you making the most of your email signature