From Ashes to Magic (anthology)


From Ashes to Magic is a wonderful Supernatural Beings Anthology (volume 1).  Enjoy ten great stories by ten talented fantasy writers.

From Ashes to Magic Anthology.  Supernatural Beings Anthology Volume 1

I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of this anthology which includes my short story “The Locksmith”.  Read a short excerpt of my story below:

The Story Aesthetic for the short story "The Locksmith" by Ari Meghlen, featured in From Ashes to Magic


The Locksmith

by Ari Meghlen

   “Are you going to be much longer?”

I gritted my teeth against the comment forming and instead threw out my best smile at the balding Mage who was drumming his fingers on my counter. Beside him, stood Mage Zifran, a regular customer who seemed to be bringing me new ones these days.

“Not long.”

I turned my focus back to the lock. The tension rod was pressing tight against my thumb while I carefully felt for the pins with the narrow pick. After what felt like forever, the last pin finally shifted and the shackle popped up. Straightening, I slipped the old lock off and pushed the box towards my newest client.

He stared in wonder at my handiwork. “Amazing.”

“I told you she was good,” said Zifran, giving me a wink.

“Truly,” the bald Mage said, twisting the open lock around in his hands.

I gave a shrug. In a world full of magic, it seemed odd that people would be so impressed with this mundane ability.

When I first arrived in this town, everyone had looked at me with either pity or contempt. I was considered an anomaly, a throwback to a distant time when magic was not prevalent. There was no spark in my fingertips, no power coursing through my blood. In a land where power determined status, I was the weakest of the weak. Only my strange affinity with metal and especially locks had given me any standing. Most metals here were impervious to magic and even many tools, so a simple lock could cause a lot of problems.

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