That’s right people, The Merry Writer has gone audible! 

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The Merry Writer was originally a question prompt hashtag game over on Twitter and Instagram but has now spread to become a podcast.

This podcast is hosted by me, Ari Meghlen and my awesome friend and fellow author Rachel Poli.

A fun, friendly show where we discuss all things writing and bookish, share news, advice and personal experiences on our own writing journeys by asking all the “write” questions!  There will also be guest authors if we can convince any of them to join us!

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Visit our FAQ Page over on Podbean and you’ll find a link to the Guest Application Form.

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How Do You Collaborate With Other Authors? | Ep. 123 | The Merry Writer Podcast The Merry Writer Podcast

Schedule: Episodes are uploaded every Wednesday

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The podcast is on Patreon!  Why?  This podcast is a fun project for us though it takes a lot of work, time, and money. Patreon is a platform that makes it easy for creators to get support.

Any monies we receive through Patreon will allow the podcast to continue on for a long time and all monies go right back into the podcast.

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Ari & Rachel

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