The Basics

Title Image: pencil on a notepad. The basics of being a writer

So you want to be a writer?

Some important basics every writer should know

How to get started in writing

What you need to think about for awesome descriptions

How to grow great ideas from the Muses

How to show rather than tell in writing

Tools of the Trade for Writers

Very, is a very bad word

Why it’s important to think about your readers

Why you need to create a protected Writing Space

Good reasons for writing under a Pen Name

6 quick Questions every writer should ask

How to decide on your writing POV

How to write chapter one of your novel

How to set the pacing of your story

How to improve your writing by deconstructing a story

Do you know what your goal is?

How to avoid blind spots in your writing

7 simple writing tips to help you improve

9 important things new writers should be doing now (before you’re novel is finished!)

What to do when you fee like Giving Up

How to use the 20 Step Method for Goals

How to use the Power of Questions

How to use questions help your writing

How to work through the 11 stages of writing