Who, me?

MEGive me a spluttering spark to turn into an epic story that weaves together a dozen threads and introduces fourteen main characters, all the while spanning the length and breadth of a world I dragged shuddering out of the decadently dazzling cosmos of my mind’s darkest recesses….and I’ll pour out my soul to write it….

Give me a page where people want to know about “me”….and I….got nothing.

So…when all else fails and I struggle to think of anything noteworthy that you people might actually want to know – I fall back on lists. So here is some random stuff about me:

☆ My home is shared with my loving and (extremely patient) partner, numerous cats and a large pose-able plastic skeleton called Bert.

☆ Writing has been my passion since I was 8. I blame a teacher – she asked the class to write a description of a friendly monster under the bed. As a kid who liked to draw monsters it was easy enough to picture the image of this giant, orange-furred, scaly-backed creature who ate odd socks, dropped pencils and dust bunnies (and who wasn’t friends with the monster in the closet!)

DragonCastle.JPG☆ As well as writing and art, my creativity also spans to pottery which gives me a lot of “quiet head time”

(This is one of my pottery creations a castle tea light holder with a dragon climbing up the side)–>

I love this because it looks awesome, took ages to make and (so far) hasn’t been destroyed either by the cats or my partner’s clumsiness.

☆ I am a pretty extreme introvert (with social anxiety disorder) and if I didn’t need to pay bills I would probably be more of a hermit than I already am… though my partner has done a good job of getting me to socialise more (hence why I started things like pottery)

☆ There is also reading, I love reading. To the point where I have no more room for any more bookcases! That is a problem.

☆ Yes I have a kindle but I personally prefer actual books rather than ones on Kindle. So I use my Kindle for more non-fiction books and random ones people have recommended. If I like them… I buy the book.

☆ I also love movies…who the hell doesn’t love movies? Don’t answer that, if someone doesn’t like movies…I don’t wanna know. So… action, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy even some drama all work for me. Not in to the so-called “chick flicks” or movies with stupid moments like there’s a ticking time bomb so that becomes the time main characters kiss and tell each other their feelings. Don’t do it in book and don’t do it in movies. Seriously.

☆ I spend more time in pajamas than in any other clothes…and yes my mother would be horrified to know that fact. But as a writer I feel fully justified to be as comfortable as possible.

☆ In school I wrote mostly horror stories in English class (The idea of scaring people with words interested me), they always got top marks but I received a lot of “please try and write something that doesn’t include entrails” on my work. Though at least one of my teachers liked my creepy writing and encouraged me to continue writing.

☆ I don’t actually write horror now, maybe I was just getting all the creepy teenage angst and freaky neuroses out in my stories and horror was the best way to do it.


This little fella is my tiny triceratops who sits in my miniature Zen garden 🙂

☆ My academic credentials were never that great.  As I got older I became much more interested in my stories and my drawings than learning maths or remembering facts. However I was actually great with facts but more “average height of a triceratops” rather than “when the Great Fire of London occurred”. Well, *I* think it’s important to know the height of a triceratops!


☆ Maybe this is a good time to mention I like dinosaurs, yep even as a “supposed adult” I still like them. I even make them in pottery.

☆ When I’m not writing I am working a boring office job to pay my bills (damn bills again!), watching movies (often ones that I have seen a 100 times before), curled up on the sofa reading (sometimes books I’ve read 100 times before) or I’m in the garden rescuing frogs and watching the birds (and generally avoiding people). Oh and I also make and sell jewellery… I appear to like being crazy busy.

archery☆ I also shoot arrows at targets. (See what happens when I am forced to socialise!?) Yup I started archery with my partner and am shockingly not as awful as everyone I thought I would be ;p

(This pretty awesome spread of arrows was something I managed on my 4th week of lessons…so the message here is – don’t piss me off because apparently I’m a a pretty good shot…though I can’t string the bow to save my life!)

☆ Despite being in my 3rd decade I still watch cartoons preferring the older classics like Danger Mouse, Duckula, Bucky O’Hare etc. (Who says you need to be old to be eccentric?)

☆ Throughout my life people have treated my desire to write as a “phase” and I am happily and stubbornly disappointing them all by remaining within this so-called “phase.”

☆ I like to sing….badly….and out of tune, but (almost) always on my own… though sometimes my partner has to suffer my singing. It usually occurs in the car.

☆ I love organising. Give me a dishevelled room and I go all gooey at the prospect of organising it. This is much to the horror of my partner who will sometimes walk in and find me measuring cupboards and shelves and muttering about baskets and boxes. He tries to restrain me from reorganising the house every year… he’s doing an okay job so far.

☆ I like card games but that can get pretty competitive so I am limited to who I pay against and how often I play. I also like boardgames…which also gets pretty competitive. Who knew Bogle could make people so argumentative? 😀

☆ Currently I have at LEAST 6 novel series ideas (yup, not even trilogies, series’) so I don’t think I will be running out of ideas any time soon.

☆ Throughout my life I have tried my hand at a great many genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, crime, drama, romance, animal literature, horror etc. I prefer traditional fantasy, urban fantasy and sci-fi and sometimes crime now. Though I don’t think I will ever limit myself because it all depends on the idea I suddenly get.

☆”Bizarre” is one of my favourite words. I just like the way it sounds. I also like “gloop” (Is that even a word?)

PENS☆I love rainbows and coloured pens. I also love really sharp pencils.

I use them for everything and they make me feel happy…weird but true…

here’s my desk spinny-thing that I now keep (almost) all of my coloured pens in.  Look it’s soooo pretty :)–>

☆ I am sure I have fallen into most of the pitfalls that come with writing, and those I haven’t, I probably will do eventually.

☆ I seem incapable of writing single stories. All my stories are either trilogies or series’. I’ve wrote several but am trying my best to stick to just one two and get them all the way through to the final polished draft.

☆ I don’t do “adulting” very well, much to the chagrin of my parents (read my Bad at Being an Adult post and my Bad at Being an Adult part 2). I have flashes of ability at being an adult that dazzle and amaze! But then I’ll buy a life-size pose-able skeleton and sit him at the table. Just wait until I take him to my parents house for Christmas 😀

☆ Unlike most writers I hate coffee. Yuck, smells bad, tastes bad… it’s a big cup of Nope! So, instead I am tea-drinker. What? A tea-drinking Brit?  yes, and I do love crumpets. But no, I don’t wear a Bowler hat. Though I would probably rock one! (Note to self, buy a Bowler hat)

Berts piano

Did you think I was joking about Bert?

If you made it all the way to the end of the list good for you! I appreciate you taking the time to learn weird and random facts about the person behind the words. (Me! in case you didn’t get that!)

If after this you feel the need to ask me something or reach out and chitchat, you can contact me at several locations as well as this one. Just pop to my Contacts Page for details. (My introverted/social anxiety can cope with interactions online… it’s all this ‘peopleing’ outside in the real world that I’m not a fan of!)



Want to know a few MORE things about me? I’ve written some random posts, enjoy!


35 thoughts on “Who, me?

  1. Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I have just read through a few of your posts and had a giggle or two. I recognise many of your likes/dislikes/habits etc as both my daughters have similar tendencies. My elder daughter likes to write, doesn’t iron, owns a real skeleton with a few bones missing, has pyjama days regularly, adores dinosaurs and cats, is a horror movie addict. My younger daughter has social anxiety and won’t answer phones or doors, watches cartoons, can reel off thousands of interesting facts about all sorts of things. I hate cooking but hardly ever get anyone to do it for me and I am the one to empty the bin and the vacuum!

    • lol great to know I’m not the only one who has those habits! Your daughters sound like awesome ladies.

      Does your elder daughter’s skeleton have a name? I can completely empathise with your younger daughters anxiety, as I am on the high end of the spectrum at severe.

      We take each day at a time and just need to press ever so slightly out of our comfort zones sometimes. I did that by reaching out online to writers and asking them if they wanted to guest post. Felt so terrifying but it has helped me stretch that comfort zone boundaries a little further.

      I’m better with the vacuum since we got a Henry hoover. Mo (the robot) had to be retired sadly and my partner insisted on a more “normal” vac. His (Henry’s, not my partner’s) bag is all nicely compact and a doddle to empty…I still would rather not though lol 😀

      Thanks for all the faves

      • I like Henry hoovers too! My elder daughter had one but her landlady stole it! I have been racking my brains trying to remember Alice’s (my daughter) skeleton’s name – I know he has one – but I can’t remember it. I’ll have to remember to ask her.
        My younger daughter (Elinor) has quite severe anxiety too but has been working very hard to overcome some of the worst problems. She had to leave school because of her anxiety and because of bullying and didn’t take her GCSEs when she was 16. She went to college and managed to get 4 GCSE’s and now wants to get to art college. She has been trying to get onto an A level equivalent art course but is finding it difficult because of her anxiety. In the meantime she is attending day classes in art and drama to try to gain experience. She is being very brave.

  2. So glad you included the part at the end where this socializing (cyberstyle) doesn’t create anxiety. Just had to reach out. Your dinosaurs and dragons and a pure delight, and they help me see how valuable illustration is to making one’s point. Love your list, and though I’m more the extrovert, I can relate to sharpened pencils, bad job juju, and writing since you’re 8. My 2nd grade teacher “published” my first work, and I have had my head in the stars ever since 🙂 Happy to find you!

    • Thanks for the comment, yes, this is a good place for me to connect with people without having an anxiety-ridden panic attack 🙂 Aww thank you for your kind words about my dinosaurs and dragons, glad they are liked and people are just looking and saying “what a strange thing to like.” Glad to hear that you got the writing bug from an early age, in the stars is the best place for a head I think 🙂 Thanks again and do keep in touch, I love meeting new writers.

    • Hi Khrys, thanks for the stop by. Lol yes my About Page haunted me for a while as I wracked my brain to think of what to put. It feels weird just telling people about yourself but I’m glad I managed it. Hope you get yours up soon – drop me a link to your website 🙂

  3. So nice to meet Bert – I feel like I already know him, as there’s a real live Bert living next door to us. Does your Bert have an Irish accent as well? Oh, and nice to meet you too !!

    • lol No Bert doesn’t have an Irish Accent – one of those in the house is enough. My partner is from Ireland and once he’s spoken to his family his accent thickens up nicely 🙂 And it’s nice to me you too.

  4. Pyjamas rule! Bert is very photogenic. I don’t like coffee either. If you ever make it across the pond to Canada, I have a craft room that is terribly out of control and needs some organizing ASAP …. I promise to keep you in tea.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and to following your blog. 🙂

    • Hi Linda, thanks for the comment. Yes of all of us, Bert is definitely the most photogenic. I’ve decided he might be the main feature of a calendar I make for next year. “Bert Throughout The Months!” 🙂 lol If I ever get to Canada I will take you up on that offer – I’ll be there with my label-maker and an unnatural amount of joy at the prospect of tackling your craft room! Thanks for the follow, it is always appreciated – though I am still amazed anyone is interested in what I write on this blog. lol Take care

      • Sign me up for a copy of “Bert Throughout the Months”; I think it will be a best selling calendar. Also, when you come to Canada armed with you label-maker, will Bert be coming with you? I sure do hope so! 🙂

  5. I just met you and I love you – you may be my british counterpart 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your stuff later – when I am not also stuck in this boring office job to pay those same damn bills

    • lol *waves at you from across the ocean* glad you enjoyed my Who, Me? post and it’s always nice to meet someone who doesn’t just look at me as if I’ve grown another head. You have my sympathies in having to work your own boring office job. Let us cling tenaciously to the hope that eventually we will not need those rubbish jobs!

    • PS: feel free to find me on the social media locations I am on and stay in touch. I love meeting writers…you know…when I can get past my anxiety of saying hi…it always helps when they contact me first 🙂

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