This page is where I will list any resources or books that I find useful and that you may be interested in.

Writing Tools

A list of the different tools and apps that writers may find useful, including writing programs, schedulers, backup systems etc.

A Writer’s Guide

The list of A Writer’s Guide articles from people who have shared their knowledge and experience of skills and/or occupations.

This resource library is designed to help writers who are creating characters with these required skills/occupations so that the details are more realistic.

Be part of the Resource Team

If you wish to be part of the Resource team and write something for “A Writer’s Guide”, this page gives you all the details.

Free Printables

I often create downloadable charts and profiles.  These are sometimes offered free to anyone who visits this blog.  These Free printables will be listed here for easy access. Check back from time to time for any new ones.

Manuscript Maps

Cartographer Kevin Sheehan who can create detailed maps of your world/locations.  Great for use in the front of your novels.

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