Interested in guest posting?

If you are a writer, editor, publisher, book reviewer or artist who designs book covers and are interested in doing a guest post, please read this post.  (yes…all the way through, don’t skim, people!!)

Guestpost-1You must read ALL of this page before asking for a slot.


If you are still interested, select your deadline date from the bottom of this page.

☆ Topic

Must be relevant to this blog, should be your own work and original to this blog – please do not send articles already featured somewhere else.

Ideas for topics:

  • Writing tips, advice, techniques
  • Reviewing books
  • Publishing
  • Editing & proofreading tips
  • Marketing a book
  • Personal experiences regarding writing/publishing
  • Designing book covers
  • What makes a great book
  • How you get your creative ideas etc.

*please note the topic should not be an advertisement for your book/art. This is not just a large ad-space and I will reject any post that appears that way.

If you prefer we can do an interview.  This option is open for both published and non-published writers.

Don’t worry if you want to write about a subject/technique already covered in the blog by either myself or another guest blogger. We all have our own spin on things.

EDIT: One thing I won’t really accept is anything about fanfiction / fanart. I’m sorry if this is something you are in to, however I am more interested in supporting and encouraging writers/artists who create their own work rather than use other people’s ideas. This is my personal preference.

☆ Word length ☆

Articles must be between 300 and 1000 words.

☆ Deadline ☆

Deadline dates are first come first serve.  Available deadline dates are listed at the bottom of this post.

Please stick to the deadline, if you think you can’t complete in time please let me know ASAP.

Deadlines are when I need to receive completed guest posts.  The post will go live on the following Wednesday.

☆ Author photo ☆

Include a photo of yourself (or an avatar/logo or stock photo, if you prefer).  It just needs to be something as a representative for you. 

Only include pictures that you either own the copyright on or that are CC0 Creative Commons.

☆ Book Blurb (& Photo) ☆

Include a short blurb about your current book (or WIP, if you are unpublished) to be included at the end of your article

Please keep your book blurb to no more than 200 words. Longer ones will be trimmed.

If published, include picture of your book cover as well and one link on where the book can be purchased.

Send only ONE blurb and book cover.

☆ Links ☆

Include no more than 10 social media links so my readers can connect with you.

☆ Pimping ☆

This guest posting malarky is about sharing and exposure.  Once live, I expect you to share your guest post on your social media sites.  I will do the same.

Make sure you revisit this blog after your post goes live, to reply to any comments you receive.

☆ Sending your article ☆

Send over your article in a Word document.  The book blurb and social media links can be listed at the very bottom.

Please send the pictures (author/book) as jpeg files.

Please send everything to arimeghlen (at) (remove (at) and spaces and put in @).


Guest posting is to benefit everyone.  Exposure for you, blog exposure for me, awesome tips, ideas, wisdom shared for the readers.

So you must write an ‘article’ not a full page advert for your book/website etc.  If I feel you are not giving value to my readers, I will just not publish your article.

I have final say on whether to publish your article.

☆ Questions ☆

If you have any questions or want to discuss the topic you choose before writing it, get in touch via the contact form below.

☆ Still interested in Guest Posting? ☆

If you’ve read the above and still want to guest post, use the contact form below making sure to fill in ALL the details.






Choose your deadline date:

22 Apr – Pearl R Meaker (Topic: How you get your creative ideas)
29 Apr – Andrew Kopecky (Topic: TBC)
06 May – Isaac Winter (Topic: World Building)
13 May – Ryan Mitsui (Topic: Writing Fight Scenes)
20 May – Frances Bowens (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
27 May – Jackie Baldwin (Topic: Dealing with Twitter as a writer)
03 June – Renee Harless (Topic: Interview Questions – Questions sent)
10 June – Rachel Walton (Wordlander) – (Topic: TBC)
17 June – Monette Bebow-Reinhard (Topic: Historical research on bringing a character to life)
24 June – Jackie Barrow (Topic: TBC)
01 July – Melissa Carter (Topic: TBC)
08 July – Darlene Foster (Topic: Interview questions – NOT SENT)
15 July – Zorha Edwards (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
22 July – Daniel Brito (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
29 July – Mandi Lynn (Topic: TBC)
05 Aug – Simon Farnell (Topic: TBC)
12 Aug – Ichabod Temperance (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
19 Aug – Matthew Mimnaugh (Topic: TBC)
26 Aug – Lindsay Newton (Topic: Peer Critiquing)
02 Sept – Caitlin Lambert (Topic: Interview questions – NOT SENT – send in July)
09 Sept – Nicky Stephens at Chasing Dreams Publishing (Topic: TBC)
16 Sept – Lynne Fisher (Topic: Interview questions – Questions Sent)
23 Sept – Samantha Stroh Bailey (Topic: TBC)
30 Sept – B.S Gibbs (Topic: TBC)
07 Oct – Kelly S Marsden (Topic: TBC)
14 Oct – L L Thomson (Topic: wordcounts)
21 Oct – Alle Hall (Topic: What is literary writing, and what is commercial)
28 Oct – Milania Sinclair (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
04 Nov – Tamar Anolic (Topic: Designing novel cover)
11 Nov – Aurora Jean Alexander (Topic: Interview questions – Questions Sent)
18 Nov – Kim Huther (Topic: Interview (Proofreader – Questions Sent)
25 Nov – Lilly Sparks (Topic: TBC)
02 Dec – Cassandra Morgan (Topic: Before You Write – Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart Your Writing)
09 Dec –
16 Dec –

Thanks for all the interest, faves, comments, follows. It’s awesome and appreciated!

Ari x

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