Interested in guest posting?

If you are interested in guest posting on this blog to gain some exposure, please take the time to read this full page for all the details of what is needed, accepted and what you are required to do. 

It is also recommended that you check this blog to see what sort of articles are featured.


What I expect from a guest post(er)

☆ Articles must be informative, entertaining, helpful or inspiring.

☆ Articles must cater to this blog’s niche to be of value to its readers.

☆ Articles must be original and not have been posted anywhere else on the net (as this can affect the SEO)

☆ Articles must not just be selling or promoting yourself or your books/services.

☆ Article topics must be agreed in advance.

☆ Articles must not include profanity, racism, sexism etc.

☆ Guest posters must make a note of their deadline and contact me immediately if they feel they are unable to complete their article in time

NB: By being on this blog, you agree to me using my affiliate links on your article. Learn more about this on my affiliate links policy.

Accepted topics for guest posts

  • Writing tips, advice, techniques
  • Book reviews
  • Publishing advice (self-publishing or traditional)
  • Editing & proofreading tips, advice
  • Marketing a book
  • Personal experiences regarding writing/publishing
  • Designing book covers
  • What makes a great book
  • How you get your creative ideas etc.

This is not an exhaustive list, and if you have an idea for a topic you can speak to me about it.  Please note I do not accept articles about writing fanfiction



What I need from you

☆ Your article in a Word document by (or before) the deadline date (word count must be between 400-1000 words only, include a title and break your article up with headings)

☆ List of your social media and website links (no more than 10)

☆ A short bio (no more than 100 words)

☆ A headshot photo (or an avatar)*

☆ One book cover image (if published)

☆ Blurb for the book (no more than 150 words)

*Please note your avatar image must either be owned by you or you must have rights and permissions to use it.


What you need to do

☆ You must share the post on at least one social media account/website within 2 days

☆ You must check back periodically and reply to any and all comments left

What I do to promote your post

☆ I will share it on my Twitter account

☆ I will share it on my Facebook Author Page

☆ I will share it on my Tumblr account

☆ I will share it on my Pinterest account

☆ I will schedule 3 tweets on the following day it goes live


Contact form for guest posters

If you agree with all the above and wish to be a guest poster on my blog, please complete this form.  State your article topic in the comments section.

Please note a list of available deadline dates is below the form.  Check through and let me know what date you want.  Available dates are featured in red. 


Available deadline dates

All deadline dates are Sundays.  The articles will actually go live on the following Wednesdays.  This allows me time to get your article formatted and scheduled.

NB:  while this year’s slots are all full, I AM still accepting guest posts.  Guest posts received early will either be added to the schedule for next year or used following a cancellation.  In which case for ‘deadline’ just state a preferred month

10 June – Rachel Walton (Wordlander) – (Topic: TBC)
17 June – Monette Bebow-Reinhard (Topic: Historical research on bringing a character to life)
24 June – Jackie Barrow (Topic: TBC)
01 July – Melissa Carter (Topic: TBC)
08 July – Darlene Foster (Topic: Interview questions – NOT SENT)
15 July – Zorha Edwards (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
22 July – Daniel Brito (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
29 July – Mandi Lynn (Topic: TBC)
05 Aug – Simon Farnell (Topic: TBC)
12 Aug – Trevor B Williams (Topic: Interview questions – Questions not sent)
19 Aug – Matthew Mimnaugh (Topic: TBC)
26 Aug – Lindsay Newton (Topic: Peer Critiquing)
02 Sept – Caitlin Lambert (Topic: Interview questions – NOT SENT – send in July)
09 Sept – Nicky Stephens at Chasing Dreams Publishing (Topic: TBC)
16 Sept – Lynne Fisher (Topic: Interview questions – Questions Sent)
23 Sept – Samantha Stroh Bailey (Topic: TBC)
30 Sept – B.S Gibbs (Topic: TBC)
07 Oct – Kelly S Marsden (Topic: TBC)
14 Oct – L L Thomson (Topic: wordcounts)
21 Oct – Alle Hall (Topic: What is literary writing, and what is commercial)
28 Oct – Milania Sinclair (Topic: Interview questions – Questions sent)
04 Nov – Tamar Anolic (Topic: Designing novel cover)
11 Nov – Aurora Jean Alexander (Topic: Interview questions – Questions Sent)
18 Nov – Kim Huther (Topic: Interview Proofreader – Questions Sent)
25 Nov – Lilly Sparks (Topic: TBC)
02 Dec – Cassandra Morgan (Topic: Before You Write: Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart Your Writing) *
09 Dec – Nore Hoogstad (Topic: TBC)
16 Dec –  Lewis (Topic: TBC) *

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