Epic Editing

Pencil breaking

Let me ask you a question – How do you edit?

One of those many….MANY steps of being a writer is the oft-times dreaded “edit”.

Were we cast our eyes with dread over our manuscript, red pen poised to highlight all the glaring errors we made.

Horror or Joy?

Some people hate editing.  Some people love it.  Which are you?

Some people write the whole manuscript before reaching for their editing pen.  Others write, edit, write, edit as they go.

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How to deal with invading story ideas

invadingstoryideasI’ve talked about ideas before – you may remember my Song of the Muses post. However I want to discuss the invasion of stories.

I don’t know about you, but my muse doesn’t wait until I’ve finished a novel before she bashes me over the head with another idea.

☆ Muse Attack ☆

Case in point, while driving to work this week, I was suddenly accosted by a whole new story. The protagonist was fully formed and named (thought I wasn’t keen on the character’s surname…every attempt to rename her failed and so I have kept it as it came to me).

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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 2)

We continue with the second part of the guest post “Write what you know” by author Nathalie Andrews. Do make sure to check out her social media links and her current book!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 2)

By Nathalie Andrews

“You’ll find it really hard to stay away from stereotypes.”

This is true. There is almost always a stereotype to fall into somewhere. Women are emotional; men are strong! If these are stereotypes, should I only write weak men and emotionally-repressed women?


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Guest Post: Book Reviewing

This week’s guest poster is my dear friend C from HappyMeerkatReviews who not only writes but also produces awesome book reviews and is one of the nicest people I’ve met in internet land!

CatBook Reviewing by C

Being a book reviewer is something far more rewarding than I ever imagined.  Being able to read books and talk/write about how great they are is something I’ve only been doing for a short time but it’s so rewarding, especially when you find a gem from a new and unheard of author.

For me reviewing starts with reading.  I can never read more than two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction (memoirs are like fiction for me).  This is because I’m one of those people who loves to get completely absorbed by a book and I couldn’t do it if I had several going at once.

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Avoiding blind spots

man hiding behind ask mark

All writers have blind spots with their writing. The idea is to identify them and start avoiding falling into the trap.

So, what do I mean by blind spot?

An easy example is a writer who loves action. You’ll find their fight scenes, dynamic rescues and car chases are extremely detailed. You the reader will be drawn into the stinging smoke of a house fire while the hero battles through flesh-melting heat to escape…

This is not a blind spot (in case you were wondering). The blind spot comes from another aspect of the story.

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Pacing your story

stack of old books

I have read a number of articles that talk about speeding up your story. They talk about how a writer can “bog down” the plot by going too slowly… How the plot should barrel along like some runaway train, dragging the reader with it.

Suggestions from cutting description down and keeping dialogue short are often used to stop this surge of slowness that these people have perceived as being some evil on the world of writing.

However what you can end up with is a cut-to-the-quick story that brushes over everything and rushes to spill its ending.

Is that a problem? Yes, I believe it is.

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Best time of day to write

Clock day and night concept

I have been asked what the “best time of day” to write is. Now I did find this question strange, because like many things, this is writer specific. There does seem to be the popular concept that all writers are night owls who fervently write during the wee hours.

Well I can say that we don’t all write at night. Some writers are complete Night Owls and get their best mojo going in those wee hours, however some don’t. So don’t think you have to stay up late to be a writer.

Remember all writers are different. Some write in the evening, some the morning, some during the day, others at random times. Not to mention it changes!

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