A Writer’s Guide… to Karate and Martial Arts

This is part of the  series of blog articles called “A Writer’s Guide…”, check out this article by writer Kyle Robertson on Karate and Martial Arts.

A Writer's Guide to... karate and martial arts by Kyle Robertson. Image: Fighters in karate gee

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MAIAM–Ari Meghlen: Writer, Blogger, Bad Card Player

I was recently interviewed by the lovely I.L. Cruz for her feature Meet An Indie Author. Check out my interview here 😊

Books by I.L. Cruz

It’s one of my favorite days on Books by I.L. Cruz (the other being #FourthFridaysforFantasyFoodies)–MAIAM, Meet An Indie Author Monday.

Today, I’m happy to introduce an amazing blogger and writer (I’ve never played cards with her, so can’t comment there!), Ari Meghlen. One of the things I love about Ari is how supportive she is of other bloggers and writers, so show her some love and visit her blog.

Aesthetics - The Blessed[3023]

First things first, what’s the name of your current book?

I’m currently writing book one of a fantasy trilogy called The Blessed, and as yet this book does not have its own title.

New ideas are always cropping up. Give me your best book title that doesn’t have a story.

Actually, I never have titles before I have the story.  I have a lot of stories without titles or ones that have working titles.  I usually need the…

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December Goals 2018

Well, the end of the year is upon us and the last few months have been stressful, between family situations, getting ill, buying a house and our elderly cat having surgery, I’ve about had it with this year.

Since November was a bust in terms of completing goals, I am not going to hamstring myself this month. 

We are still sorting the purchase of our home and with the sad diagnosis of our cat I’ve decided not to go home for the holidays.


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November Round-up: 8 excellent articles I want to share

Firstly, I want to thank all my awesome readers for their kind words of support following my cat’s surgery. 

Due to her advanced age, such procedures are fraught with risk and while we are still waiting on results, it was heartening to receive so many kind words of support and encouragement.  Thank you 🙂

On with today’s post.  In case you missed it last month, I’ve decided to make the last Monday of each month a Round-up of articles I’ve really enjoyed during that timeframe.

November Round Up: 8 Excellent articles I want to share

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Technical issues

EDIT sorry the article is not coming today, duè to more vet trip and yet another sleepless night, I’m not functioning well enough to rewrite it.

I’ll get it sorted and add it back into my article queue.  Thanks for all your support and understanding. Xx

It appears today’s article didn’t save properly, which was why only my draft version notes published… also at the wrong time and on the wrong date.  Could it be any more messy!!

Normally, I double check everything however, my cat had to go into surgery and I’ve been dealing with her after care…. and so this got away from me.

Sorry about that. I will try and get the article re-written and uploaded tomorrow.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.