Plot Holes & Outlining by Esther T Jones

Plot holes are something almost every writer deals with at some point.  Today’s guest poster, author Esther T Jones who discusses tackling plot holes and tightening outlines.   Enjoy!

Plot holes and outlining by Esther T Jones. Image: Book with highlighter and glasses

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An unexpected break

Sorry guys, no post today.

Both yesterday and today I was rushed to hospital.  That’s 3 trips in just over a week.

I’m still recovering and it put me back so I never got this post finished. Wednesday’s and Fridays are already done.

I may be slow to reply to comments, have patience with me.

Thanks for your understanding


Backup your novel with iDrive cloud storage (Review)

For those who are signed up to my newsletter (what? You’re not!? If you want to be, just click here) you will have seen that I decided to add Reviews to this blog. 

While I will be reviewing books, I also wanted to review products and services that other writers and bloggers may find useful.

I only review products that I have personally tested, as a confirmation, I was not paid for this post nor have I been compensated in any way. 


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How to recognise and stop doing busy-work

Edit: this didn’t launch on time as I wanted to check it before scheduling… but ended up being rushed to A&E early this morning and only just got back. Not a great start to the new year 😁

When a New Year comes around, I like to look back at my methods from the last year.  This is a great way to give myself some perspective. 

After all, the last thing I want to do is enter a sparkling new year with old, unproductive habits dragging me down.

How to recognise and stop doing busy work. Image: Woman working on laptop and phone

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