How to Use Social Media for Your Marketing

It’s Monday Marketing time, people!   Today I thought I’d talk (more) about social media.

Last year, I did a series on Social Media but I think discussing it specifically for Marketing is important.

Not all social media is the same.  Ones such as Twitter and Snapchat are fast-paced social media platforms.

LinkedIn is more business-oriented, designed more for making professional connections.  Instagram is obviously a more visual platform, whereas Facebook… well, Facebook has changed a lot.

It used to be where everyone hung out (except me, I was a late (and grudging) comer to the platform).

In fact, it’s a shocker I’m even ON social media.  I hate it, but it has its uses.  Like Taxes.

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Writers, Why You Need to do a SWOT Analysis

Time for another Monday Marketing post.  Today’s topic is about SWOT analysis.  You may have heard this term as it’s something connected with businesses. 

So why am I talking about it on a writing blog? 

Well, if you want to be a professional writer you have to accept that writing (in parts) is a business and should be treated as such.

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