My Flash Fiction

On this page is where I list links to all my Flash Fiction.

Enjoy my flash fiction: The Dragon. Short fantasy story about a dragonThe Dragon (2019)

Excerpt: They whisper my name with dread upon their lips.  I am their nightmare.  And yet, still they come, creeping steps to my home, to try their luck and take what is not theirs.  To steal what I have.

The cave was warm, the air dry and lightly fragranced.  Only a small opening above cast any light inside.  That sliver of brightness gently caressed his rough bronze scales.  Unlike his cousins from the South, the Sand Dragons, he bore jagged, puckered scales across his stout hide.

Banner enjoy my flash fiction: the wishThe Wish (2018)

Excerpt: The tree appeared one day.  As the sun crested the horizon, Jonah looked out of the window to find a mature tree, dense with foliage in the corner of his garden.  Leaves the colour of moss rustled in the winter breeze.

He staggered out, pulling on his coat against the chill that tore up his spine when he realised just where the tree had grown.  His thick-soled boots crunched through the snow.


Banner enjoy my flash fiction: Fracture. Image of broke mirrorFracture (2017)

Excerpt: Only the sharp click of my heels could be heard.  The two men flanking me moved with graceful silence, though their presence was a crushing pressure at my back.

The very fact they were accompanying me at all, betrayed my thoughts.  I had not wished to come, had planned to slip away rather than face this hell again.

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