Are you making the most of your Email Signature?

Ready for another Monday Marketing post? 

Today I’m talking about something simple yet effective; using your email signature for your marketing.

Not all marketing ideas have to be big.  Sometimes the small, simple ones can be pretty effective.


Everyone sends email

Email is still a big part of our lives so it’s not really a big stretch that we should be making use of them.

After all, we send and receive emails for a variety of different reasons and to different people.

I actually have 9 email addresses (I do NOT recommend this and I’m currently in the process of closing several down). 

There was a reason for this excessive number of email addresses, I’m not just some crazy email hoarder, I promise! 🙂


A Writer’s email

Having a specific email address for your writing side that is connected to your website/blog and used for all things writing is a good idea.

That way you don’t get emails from readers, followers, fans etc mixed in with emails from family, order confirmations for that game you just bought and notifications about your bank statement.

It just helps you not to miss anything from someone who is following your writing/blogging career.


Underuse of the email signature

As I offer Guest Post opportunities on this blog, I am often in contact with other writers.  One thing I’ve noticed is that well over 50% of them don’t use their email signature.

Some of these people are published authors so it’s surprising to me that they aren’t using this option.

You are connecting with people, often very personally (one on one) in an email so why not give yourself that boost.

Email signatures are great for passive marketing.  You aren’t grabbing someone by the collar and bellowing “check out my website!”

You are just including something eye-catching that may or may not draw their attention and get them to click.


What should you include in an email signature?

When I worked in big company offices, I noticed they were sticklers for making sure everyone set up their email signatures immediately.

They were always in a specific layout/style that meant it was consistent across the company.

Ahh yes, consistency again.  You’re probably getting bored of me mentioning it but it’s always good to keep in mind.

In my personal opinion, your email signature should include:

  • Your full name (pen-name)
  • Some mention of you being a writer
  • Links to important locations (website/social media)

These three listed above, are a definite in my eyes.  You can always add some additionals such as:

  • Tagline
  • A short blurb about your novel/writing (and I do mean SHORT)
  • Sales link to ONE book
  • Quote
  • Logo


Things to keep in mind

Don’t clutter up your email signature.  Don’t make it half a page long (or longer!).  This should be viewed as a simple, subtle marketing tactic.  Not a collar-grabbing-screaming-in-your-face tactic.

Don’t list all your books.  Don’t include a large blurb.  Don’t list every sales link.  Don’t put things like “buy my book!”

The idea behind the email signature is to garner interest and make it easy for people to find you online.  It’s not a heavy sales pitch.  Making it so can be very off-putting.


My email signature as an example

Below is a copy of my email signature.

Example of email signature used for marketing yourself as a writer

Firstly, I wanted to make it eye-catching.  For that, I included my name in a slightly larger font and in purple.  (The purple is consistent with my branding as my blog posts often include different shades of purple)

Then, I included a simple line that states what I am.  This layout style is consistently found on my other platforms.

Sometimes the words are different.  But it always includes writer at the front and follows this layout.

NEW slim banner-Newsletter-SMALL

Next, I included my links.  Since people are drawn to visuals more than text, I opted for using small, simple icon images for each.  I kept them consistent in size and shape.

I opted not to list all my SM (Tumblr, GoodReads, Pinterest were not included).  I didn’t want to clutter up my email signature or make it overbearing.

I have all my SM listed in other locations so, in this one place, I felt it more strategic to just list my most popular (and YouTube… which I’m not on yet… but let’s ignore that! lol)

Finally, I added one of my favourite quotes connected to writing and a simple link to my About.Me page.


How to set up an email signature

Go to Settings in your email service provider (often shown as a cog image), then there will usually be a setting for Email Signature either under general, options or writing/sending emails.

Put in your signature and make sure you test it.  Send an email to yourself to make sure it appears correctly.  Try different looks and layouts until you are happy with it.

If you have the option, make sure you select to include the signature in both newly composed emails and in replies/forwards.  Some providers do this automatically, others need you to select it.


So dear reader, do you have an email signature?

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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Are you making the most of your email signature? Marketing for writers. Monday Marketing tips

17 thoughts on “Are you making the most of your Email Signature?

  1. Pingback: Why you need to change your Email Organisation

    1. I think I have some other ones – I’ll email them to you, in case they work for you 🙂

      PS: Love the new photo on your avatar, looks great!

  2. Your signature looks nice! Mine is just my name, role (writer, blogger, whatever), then a link. I should make mine pretty like yours, lol.

    1. Aww thanks Rachel, I spend ages on it to get it looking not too cluttered and yet eye-catching. I do thinking adding a splash of colour to the email signature is great for catching attention – that’s why I went with icons links over text links

  3. I don’t have a signature but it makes perfect sense to have one. If I am to be taken seriously I need to start acting seriously and this is one of the steps. Another thing I need to do is set up a coupe of e-mails that are used for specific things. So far I have two and I hardly use one of them.

    Excellent tips. Thanks!!!.

    1. I think sometimes the small things, like email signature, are easy to overlook. I think I’m just pedantic enough to think of these things! lol.

      I have several emails… that I routinely ignore because I seriously hate email. But that might be because I have so many so then I GET so much and no one has time for that.

      Glad you found this useful 🙂

    1. lol thanks for visiting my blog. I am love the small subtle marketing techniques like getting an email signature.

      I think of them as small but cumulative methods of catching people’s eye 🙂

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