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How to Use Social Media for Your Marketing

It's Monday Marketing time, people!   Today I thought I'd talk (more) about social media. Last year, I did a series on Social Media but I think discussing it specifically for Marketing is important. Not all social media is the same.  Ones such as Twitter and Snapchat are fast-paced social media platforms. LinkedIn is more business-oriented, designed more for making professional connections.  Instagram is obviously a more visual platform, whereas Facebook... well, Facebook has changed a lot. It used to be where everyone hung out (except me, I was a late (and grudging) comer to the platform). In fact, it's a shocker I'm even ON social media.  I hate it, but it has its uses.  Like Taxes.

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Writers, 9 Important Things You Need To Know About Marketing

It's Monday, so here's another Marketing post. Whether your self-published or traditionally published, some marketing is going to be your responsibility.  There seem to be some strange ideas going around the writing community by those who are aiming to be published through a traditional publishing house, the main one being that they, the writer, will not have to do ANY marketing because the publisher will do it all.  Hate to break it to you, if you think this, but that's not how it's done now. So, here are 9 things you need to know about Marketing.