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Ep 017 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Just a reminder: There will be no Friday blog posts for the next few months while I’m on my sabbatical.

Are you ready for another podcast episode?  We really hope you’ve been enjoying listening to our little show.  It is so much fun to do 🙂

So today’s question we discussed was:

“How do you keep up with your writing goals?”

June Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

May was a strange month, I was super productive and yet didn’t clear all my goals.  That was because I went a little crazy on one goal in particular in order to get it finished because I couldn’t stand it “hanging around” in my goals list any more.

May Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

I’m not sure how this year is going so slowly and yet so fast at the same time.  I feel like we’ve fallen into some weird wormhole where time is moving oddly.

However, one thing is sure, I am definitely feeling like I’ve more time so that means I’ve added more goals to my monthly list 🙂

Okay, let’s start with the usual recap of last month’s goals and how I did.

April Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

How’s everyone coping with the lockdown/stay at home orders?  Not much has changed for me as I work from home anyways, and am pretty much a home bird so I’m lucky that it’s not such a big shock to the system.

I have a nice chunky list of to-dos that am planning to get done (as well as) these goals, now I have more time since there’s a lot less errand-running and family commitments to do.  I also plan on really diving into more writing!

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