March Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

Okay, so I didn’t anticipate how bad my SAD syndrome would be.  But apparently, February came with a big ol’ spike of it and no I did not use my Light Box because I can be stupid at times.  Now that the storms have passed (we had bad storms hit the UK), I am going out daily again and I have put my Light Box on the table to make sure I actually use it.      

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals *face-palm*… not sure why I’m bothering.

01 – Complete House Purge – PARTIALLY DONE (Got through most of my room and most of the Box Room.  I’m actually happy with this!).

02 – Start the Couch to 5K – NOT DONE (Got ill again, seriously, my immune system has taken such a beaten).

03 –  Complete First Draft of The Blessed – PARTIALLY DONE (I managed to get back to working on this and even fixed some of the sagging middle!  This should mean I can hit it hard next month).

04 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE (Even managed to get another resource made for The Library).

05 – Read two book – PARTIALLY DONE (This got slowed down due to needing new glasses.  I’ve been getting headaches while reading so I’ve been avoiding it, got my new glasses – finally!).

06 – Complete Something From Bucket List – NOT DONE (Just didn’t get the chance).

07 – Create new Password book – DONE (Got all my passwords updated, added to the book and closed old accounts that have been lurking around).

08 – Create out Computer System – DONE (Since I got my desktop I can’t believe how productive I’ve been.  It’s now fully set up, along with backup system, all my tech like my speaker bar, web cam and scanner all installed and working).

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Finish Craft Room Purge

There are things happening in March, so I thought it would be prudent to break the “house purge” down into separate rooms.  I might actually get it finished.  I’m so close with this, there’s just a lot of paperwork to get sorted and I need to organise my new business inventory.

02 – Start the Couch to 5K Challenge

I will get my damn ass off the sofa and running if it’s the last thing I do!!

03 – Complete First Edit of The Blessed

I need to get the first edit of The Blessed complete within the first two weeks, so it can go to my Alpha Reader.  Then hopefully I can get it back by the end of the month for the second edit.

04 – Send out Newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Run Business Test

My shop is on a platform that has a habit of messing with their algorithm just as you figure it out.  So there’s been a recent dip in views and sales.  I am going to be running a test to see if I can boost relevancy and hopefully get more views which will hopefully lead to more sales. 

06 – Finish A Coming Storm’s Outline

If you caught my newsletter or my social media, you’ll know I managed to procrastinate on The Blessed for a while and instead was sent with a driving fury to outline A Coming Storm.  This resulted in over 8k words of the outline beind written in a few days and over half the book planned.  I want to capitalise on that and finish the outline.

07 – Sort Pension

Because I’m self employed, I’m not part of an Employers Contribution Scheme, that I would if I was an employee.  So I need to keep track of my pension and I have not been doing that. 


What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

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Happy writing & stay safe

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11 thoughts on “March Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Well, I’m glad you made some progress on most of your goals for February at least. Hope the March goals are going well.

    I FINALLY got the paperback of the book I published in December available in February. I still need to sort the audio version of it, so would like to at least get it up for auditions by the end of March. I also need to write at least one poem to send to someone for an anthology I’m contributing to. Those are my goals for March.

    1. Awesome that you got the paperback sorted! Sounds like you have some good goals for March, I hope you manage to get the auditions sorted. 🙂

  2. I’m happy to hear that you got your lamp out. It’s amazing how out of sight out of mind is true for things that are CRUCIAL to our wellbeing.

    March is a spring month. Although it can still be iffy in the UK, I sure hope that you will get to see the sun and colorful flowers more often, which will hopefully help you feel better.

  3. Like Darlene, I think you did really well last month! No need to be ashamed or disappointed for being ill and needing new glasses. The storms put many of us out, what with power cuts, repairs to homes and gardens and the general worry/fear/discomfort experienced by us during the high winds. February is a short month and here we are in March with lovely spring weather just around the corner … maybe?! 😀 Take care, Ari and keep that light box on!

    1. Thanks, Clare. I was shocked at how bad some areas were hit with the storm, I saw a video where a wheelie bin was like flying high above the houses the winds had dragged it up like it was nothing. Tiles flying around – we were lucky most in our areas didn’t suffer much damage.

      Yes, March is already giving us some lovely sunny weather which is a wonderful mood booster.

      We have even been planning our garden renovation for when the weather gets a little warmer.

    1. Thatnks, Darlene. I actually forget February is shorter and those lost days really do make a difference. At least the weather has started to become more sunny which always gives me a boost. 🙂

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