February Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

So, *tired laugh* January was a bust!  If you caught my last post, you’ll know 10 days into January things got… rough and stayed that way until about yesterday.  I’ll admit all this has left me deflated and flagging (emotionally, mentally and physically).  But hey-ho, we press on regardless with the hope that February will be better!    

Monthly Goals: February 2022. AriMeghlen.co.uk. Image from Pixabay of a calendar and pen

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals *face-palm*… not sure why I’m bothering.

01 – Do a purge of the house – PARTIALLY DONE (We were so on track to complete this.  All the downstairs rooms/spaces were purged in just 10 days, and two of the four upstairs rooms purged.  Got rid of lots via Freecycle and have boxes of items to go to charity.  Then…. everything happened and… well, we never got it finished).

02 – Start the Couch to 5K – NOT DONE (We had this scheduled for starting on the 3rd week of January due to getting appointments and the purge out of the way… but since we are still positive for Covid, as of writing this, we obviously weren’t able to start).

03 –  Work through the Uber Frugal Challenge – DONE (got this done since it was mostly reading through the emails, discussing them and putting them into practice.  A lot of this we already do, but it was nice having new ideas).

04 – Send out Newsletter(s) – NOT DONE (since Covid basically made doing anything difficult, this just had to go by the wayside too).

05 – Read one book – PARTIALLY DONE (I started reading a book, then lost all motivation when our cat died, then was incapable of reading due to the pounding headaches that Covid gave me almost non-stop).

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Complete the House Purge

With only two rooms to do, I want this damn purge completed.  Of course, one of those rooms is my Craft Room which is currently like stepping into the 9th Circle of Hell.  So it will take most of the month just to get through everything.

If you’re a craft person, especially a BUSINESS craft person, you will know just how intense things get with inventory, components, stationery and paperwork that take over every square inch if you aren’t on top of it 24/7.  Not to mention, all the normal house paperwork, books, binders, novel notes etc.

It’s not going to be an easy job but if I can just not get sick again throughout February I might make it!

02 – Start the Couch to 5K Challenge

I refuse to let this goal slip through my fingers, so we will be taking a few weeks of walking every day and then start the couch to 5K again. 

03 – Complete draft 1 of The Blessed

I am so close, it’s like 75k+ words and when I was on the ferry travelling back at Xmas, I spent a lot of time going through my notes and fixing some issues.  I have already set up a schedule with my partner to do his Alpha read in March when he has time off.

And I have my Critique Partners set up for April so before then it needs to be finished, edited my me, edited by Alpha reader, edited again by me before going to the CPs.

04 – Send out Newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Read two Book

I am so tired of sitting in front of the TV, that has become my go-to place following all the illnesses and stresses over the last few months, so I want to start prioritising my reading and get through two books this month – hopefully this will kick start my reading habits again.

06 – Complete something from my Bucket List

One of my yearly goals was to knock some things off the bucket list.  We have several we hope to hit on specific months when we have breaks from work, but I want to get a number of things done this year, so we are starting early.

07 – Create my new Password Book

Before I get any comments, yes I know there are Password Managers available online – I have used them – however I also prefer to keep my (soooo many) passwords in a Book.  It’s what I do, it’s safe and secure – believe me, if people break into your house, they aren’t looking at your books!

Secondly, I like to have things non-digital, especially since there have been times were details have been hacked and while I’m sure more Password Managers are safe, they say that about everything – but hackers be hacking.

Thirdly, if I suddenly drop dead, my partner can handle all my online life (and as someone whose had to spend MONTHS trying to deal with a deceased person’s online life, this is super important).

08 – Sort out my Computer System

My original laptop was a nightmare.  Taking at times 10 mins (yes, we timed it) just to boot up and allow me to open the web browser.  It would then crash the internet connection if I stopped for more than 3 mins (again, this was timed) and would refuse to reconnect until I had shut down and restarted…and waited 10 mins for it to boot up.

As you can image, this ate so much of my time and I got very little done on many days.  So I bit the bullet and got myself a new computer – desktop PC not a laptop – I never take the laptop anywhere and personally I’ve never been a big fan.  Whereas desktop PCs are sturdy, adaptable and this one has a very powerful processor and mega storage.

But it means I need to run cables for my speaker bar, webcam, keyboard (the wireless ones kept crapping out), USB hub etc to the tower and so need several extenders.  As well as get all my software loaded and all the data transferred from Laptop to Desktop.


So while I am now covid-free, even fully-vaccinated, it really wipes you out.  We were ill for over 2 weeks with it and the tired-ness hasn’t completely left.  I’ll be taking this month slow, and making sure my body is up to doing anything more strenuous.   

What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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11 thoughts on “February Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

  1. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow!

    I’m so sorry about your cat and the fact you’ve been so ill. 😦 I wish you better health in the future and I hope you reach all your goals for this month ❤ 🙂

  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you’re starting to recover from being sick. Good luck with your goals, but don’t over-do it. As someone who battles with fatigue on a daily basis I can honestly tell you it’s better not to push too hard, because it will make checking things off your to-do list the following day twice as hard. Little and often is the key. Also, I totally understand about the craft room. I completely organized mine last year, and still had to do some organizing in it again after having got a few new things recently and been using a few others. I don’t know how it happens, since I put things away when I’m done, and I put things where they belong when I get them. But there you go. Anyway, good luck with your February goals.

    1. Thanks, Darlene. Yes, definitely feeling better. Just mostly tired now so have to finish working earlier than I prefer but it’s better than pushing on and making myself worse 🙂

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