May Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

It’s goal time once again.  April was a whirlwind we didn’t fully expect and actually I have a week during this month when my family will be visiting so I technically have to get all these new goals done in just 3 weeks.  *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this!

Monthly Goals: May 202

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals *face-palm*… not sure why I’m bothering.

01 – Sort Quotes for Next Stage of House – DONE (and the next 2 jobs were booked in and are currently being finished!!)

02 – Complete Taxes – DONE (I shut my shop and just tore through my taxes, it did not take as long as I expected)

03 – Work Consistently on the BlessedPARTIALLY DONE (My imposter syndrome and perfectionism reared their heads again but I just made sure to get something written!  I have to mark this as partially, because partway through April we ended up getting work done (still being done) on the house which meant I didn’t get much time to write as we had limited space to do anything)

04 – Send out Newsletters – DONE

05 – Shred Business Paperwork – DONE (This took longer than I thought especially with having to remove all the damn staples first.  But it’s shredded and recycled!)

06 – Plump Up Outline for The Blessed Book 2 – NOT DONE (I can live with failing this one, because things were busy enough in the house)

07 – Read 2 Books – DONE (I read A Deal With The Elf King and An Heir In Shadow).

08 – Sort Xmas Card Labels DONE (it’s painful how long this has been on my OOT list and do you know how long it took me to complete it?  12 mins!)

09 – Start Learning French – DONE (I signed up for Duolingo, and found the lessons to be quick and easy and have been doing it daily).

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Plump Up Outline for The Blessed Book 2

I really need to get this done, I’ve got some really juicy scenes that map out a lot of the story, but I want to get a more workable plot arc.

02 – Write 2,000 words of The Blessed Book 1

Aparently, trying to write consistently while having workmen removing doors, ripping up skirting, sawing and drilling constantly… doesn’t really work.  So, I’m going back to working to a numbers goal this month. 

03 – Work on a Finance Goal

I’ve not been paying enough attention to finance goals, so I want to drop this here so that maybe I’ll be reminded to focus on this.

04 – Send out Newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Pick a theme for the Collab Project

If you missed the details, I am running a collab project with other writers for the end of the year.  I need to sort the theme and get it to everyone who is participating. 

06 – Sort Business Accounts

Due to all the work we’ve had done, I’ve not been able to keep up with my business admin, so all my accounts and charts need to be updated with the orders I got in during this time. 


What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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4 thoughts on “May Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

  1. I like the idea of having a word count as a goal, like NaNoWriMo because I tend to write in fits and starts and then long jags followed by a “drought” period.

    This month’s goal: put the finishing touches on my current project so I can finally put it out before June.

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