December Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

So as we enter the last month of 2019, I do a quick look back over November to see how I did.

It was bad.  All of November I had a low-level illness that didn’t fully grab me but just left me tired and weak the whole time.  That is until about 2 weeks ago when it finally turned into a full-on “I’m sick and I think I’m dying” illness.

Due to this, I barely looked at my goals list and just focused on getting well.  My partner was also sick, so we spent a lot of time looking after each other and just bundling up on the couch.


Last Month’s Goals

01 – Finish Outline of The Blessed (book 1) ALMOST DONE So close!

02 – Start Outlining The Blessed (book 2) DONE Started!!

03 – Complete all blog posts for the yearDONE – All written and scheduled

04 – Read 1 book ALMOST DONE I actually ended up starting 3 books this month (don’t ask me why), but managed to not complete any, though almost finished one/

05 – Go through all artwork & purge PARTIALLY DONE started this, but only got through one box of work before I got ill.

06 – Try new hair treatment DONE – Managed to find time to try something new with my hair, and it’s a lot healthier.

07 – Sort all stock NOT DONEI actually got really busy with orders and had no time to actually sort of all stock drawers I have.

08 – Create 10 new productsPARTIALLY DONE Managed to make some but not all 10 new products.  That’s okay, I’ve been working on a new plan for my business that I’ll be implementing next year.

Okay so a bad month, but I’m okay with that since I was so ill.  I don’t put as much stock in late month goals as things get crazy around this time.


This Month’s Goals

Writing Header. Image: Pen with scrunched up paper

01 – Plan 85K writing challenge schedule

Yes, I am once again going to try the challenge so I want to set up a workable schedule.


Blogging header. Image: Laptop on desk

02 – Update several blog posts

When I changed theme and layout, I never got round to going back to older posts and making them match up with the current layout.  I want to do that this month.



Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

03 – Read 1 book

With the Xmas period being a perfect time for reading, this goal should be easy to do.

04 – Go through all Artwork and purge

Let’s try this one again.



Business header. Image: chart

05 – Sort all Stock

My stock has gone a bit haywire and is spread over several locations due to some changes I’ve made in my Craft room.  I need to give it another overhaul.  I definitely need to get this done for the New Year.



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Happy writing

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16 thoughts on “December Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

    1. Thank you, Victoria. I feel like I’ve spent most of the last quarter being ill. My immune system must have taken quite a beating. 🙂

      (Apologies for the delay, I am trying to get back through all my comments)

    1. I managed to shake off the bug just in time for the holidays, but then ended up with one just after! lol All the stress and travelling was just too much, I don’t think my immune system had fully recovered.

      (Apologies for the delay, I am trying to get back through all my comments)

      1. Yes, that happens Ari – all the stress of your going home, and traveling … trapped with everyone else and germs everywhere. We are having snow at the end of the week, so I did errands this morning – it was like a hotbed of germs everywhere I went with people coughing and sneezing their heads off. The flu is running rampant in our state, so I did my running around and got home – I wished I had a bubble to be honest. 🙂 P.S. – I worked late tonight and am behind in Comments and especially in Reader.

      2. Ahh I miss snow. I like winter to be snowy, well, especially when I’m not travelling in it! It’s awful being around germy people who can’t seem to cover their mouths when they sneeze.

        I think a bubble would be a great idea, we could all use Zorbing balls to get our shopping 🙂

      3. I grew up in Canada and we were near the snow belt, so we had whopper snow storms all the time growing up. We have had a mild Winter so far, but tonight we have a large snowstorm on the way – snow, followed by freezing rain. Everything has been clear as a bell, so nice for walking or getting out – the snow is nice to look at and we’are lucky we don’t have to commute to work.

        Now that I work from home, I’m happy to be away from all those germy people … it was always bad when you typed at your own typewriter, then using a community printer, fax machine, the xerox machine – a germaphone’s nightmare!

      4. Sorry for the delay, Linda. I don’t know what’s happened to me this year, I seem incapable of keeping up with comments, emails and blogs. I am trying to reschedule my days so I have time. Hope you’re doing okay amid this coronavirus mess!

      5. No problem Ari – I feel the same way. All of a sudden work has slowed down here due to the Coronavirus, so I came to WordPress to try and get caught up – I cannot keep up anymore either – maybe spending too much time reading the news, but the blog is seriously encroaching on more and more time. I tried not going on to comments/respond to comments in the morning before walking – that was working well and I didn’t scramble out of the house like a mad woman, but at night, it took hours and hours to catch up on WP and e-mail – I share your pain. I don’t want to take a blogging break but I have cut down my posts – tomorrow I’ll do one for Spring, but other than that I’ve been just doing two a week, and one “Wordless Wednesday” to shorten my time online.

      6. I think it doesn’t help that with so many people now at home, more people are on the internet which slows connection (can’t be helped) but it means doing anything seems to take ages!

        I am glad I reduced my blogging down to 1 a week and I still feel like I’m struggling somedays.

        I’m glad you’re getting your walks in. Urgh, don’t mention email, I can’t seem to bring myself to look at it! lol

      7. Ari, the taxing of the broadband was mentioned even before Coronavirus was classified as a pandemic … since I work from home, like you do, I immediately could see it slowing down. We have one other big internet provider here in my area, Comcast. Most people have Comcast which has a monopoly here, then Comcast offered free wifi to people who don’t have it, so students and employees could access school/work respectively. Not right, but these are unusual times too.

        I’ve lost touch with most of the friends I e-mailed with for years with because I leave work and head to WordPress … it seems I’m there hours on end and the evening is shot.

        Yes, reducing our blog post frequency has helped, but I follow Hugh Roberts (Hugh’s News and Views) and every so often he’ll say “you need a blogging break when you have posts in your mind, but no time to get them done yet you are on WordPress for hours on end.”

      8. It is so easy to lose time on these platforms. I have tried to set up blocks of time to check blogs or reply to comments, it doesn’t always work because my hours are so messy at the moment, but I want to get into a better system for doing it

        I hate missing comments for too long or blog posts.

        Sounds like Hugh is spot on with that 🙂

      9. Yes, social media can have you whiling away the time and quickly losing track of it – especially now for me as I try to spend more trying to keep up with the news and now my boss is working from home – that’s not working out so well when he had a big fail with his scanner and he decided to go into the office to finish the project. Hugh makes a lot of valid points for sure.

  1. Whenever I have an unnamed bug I say “I’m down with the plague”. Giving it a name somehow helps. And when you’re tackling your goals do them *one* at a time. And don’t push yourself. You’re still recovering from the bug. I probably sound like somebody’s parent so I’ll get off my parental soap-box. Your readers care about you so prepare yourself for a lot of parent-type advice.

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