December Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

So as we enter the last month of 2019, I do a quick look back over November to see how I did.

It was bad.  All of November I had a low-level illness that didn’t fully grab me but just left me tired and weak the whole time.  That is until about 2 weeks ago when it finally turned into a full-on “I’m sick and I think I’m dying” illness.

Due to this, I barely looked at my goals list and just focused on getting well.  My partner was also sick, so we spent a lot of time looking after each other and just bundling up on the couch.


Last Month’s Goals

01 – Finish Outline of The Blessed (book 1) ALMOST DONE So close!

02 – Start Outlining The Blessed (book 2) DONE Started!!

03 – Complete all blog posts for the yearDONE – All written and scheduled

04 – Read 1 book ALMOST DONE I actually ended up starting 3 books this month (don’t ask me why), but managed to not complete any, though almost finished one/

05 – Go through all artwork & purge PARTIALLY DONE started this, but only got through one box of work before I got ill.

06 – Try new hair treatment DONE – Managed to find time to try something new with my hair, and it’s a lot healthier.

07 – Sort all stock NOT DONEI actually got really busy with orders and had no time to actually sort of all stock drawers I have.

08 – Create 10 new productsPARTIALLY DONE Managed to make some but not all 10 new products.  That’s okay, I’ve been working on a new plan for my business that I’ll be implementing next year.

Okay so a bad month, but I’m okay with that since I was so ill.  I don’t put as much stock in late month goals as things get crazy around this time.


This Month’s Goals

Writing Header. Image: Pen with scrunched up paper

01 – Plan 85K writing challenge schedule

Yes, I am once again going to try the challenge so I want to set up a workable schedule.


Blogging header. Image: Laptop on desk

02 – Update several blog posts

When I changed theme and layout, I never got round to going back to older posts and making them match up with the current layout.  I want to do that this month.



Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

03 – Read 1 book

With the Xmas period being a perfect time for reading, this goal should be easy to do.

04 – Go through all Artwork and purge

Let’s try this one again.



Business header. Image: chart

05 – Sort all Stock

My stock has gone a bit haywire and is spread over several locations due to some changes I’ve made in my Craft room.  I need to give it another overhaul.  I definitely need to get this done for the New Year.



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Happy writing

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    1. Thank you, Victoria. I feel like I’ve spent most of the last quarter being ill. My immune system must have taken quite a beating. 🙂

      (Apologies for the delay, I am trying to get back through all my comments)

    1. I managed to shake off the bug just in time for the holidays, but then ended up with one just after! lol All the stress and travelling was just too much, I don’t think my immune system had fully recovered.

      (Apologies for the delay, I am trying to get back through all my comments)

      1. Yes, that happens Ari – all the stress of your going home, and traveling … trapped with everyone else and germs everywhere. We are having snow at the end of the week, so I did errands this morning – it was like a hotbed of germs everywhere I went with people coughing and sneezing their heads off. The flu is running rampant in our state, so I did my running around and got home – I wished I had a bubble to be honest. 🙂 P.S. – I worked late tonight and am behind in Comments and especially in Reader.

      2. Ahh I miss snow. I like winter to be snowy, well, especially when I’m not travelling in it! It’s awful being around germy people who can’t seem to cover their mouths when they sneeze.

        I think a bubble would be a great idea, we could all use Zorbing balls to get our shopping 🙂

      3. I grew up in Canada and we were near the snow belt, so we had whopper snow storms all the time growing up. We have had a mild Winter so far, but tonight we have a large snowstorm on the way – snow, followed by freezing rain. Everything has been clear as a bell, so nice for walking or getting out – the snow is nice to look at and we’are lucky we don’t have to commute to work.

        Now that I work from home, I’m happy to be away from all those germy people … it was always bad when you typed at your own typewriter, then using a community printer, fax machine, the xerox machine – a germaphone’s nightmare!

  1. Whenever I have an unnamed bug I say “I’m down with the plague”. Giving it a name somehow helps. And when you’re tackling your goals do them *one* at a time. And don’t push yourself. You’re still recovering from the bug. I probably sound like somebody’s parent so I’ll get off my parental soap-box. Your readers care about you so prepare yourself for a lot of parent-type advice.

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