Monthly Goals: June 2022

June Goals 2022 | Monthly Goals

So, May was busy.  With family visiting towards the end of the month, it was quite the race to get the work finished on our house before they arrived.  Shockingly, it got done!  Our house is looking awesome, family came, lots of events and activities were undertaken and then we got a week of recovery from all the people-ing 😀  Overall, a busy and enjoyable month.

Hello 2022, Don’t Get In My Way

Well, we are back with another year.  The pandemic is still stalking through the world, the news is still mostly depressing as hell and we are all squinting with suspicion at this new year, wondering what treasures or horrors await us.

But you know what?  Damn this year!  Damn it, I say!  I have a plan and by gosh I'm going to impliment it no matter what!

November Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

It's check in time!  If you're new to this blog, the First Friday of every month is my Monthly Goals blog post, where I go through last months goals and mark up whether I completed them or not and then list the new goals.  October was the month I implemented, with gusto, my New System, and so far it's been a screaming success as you will see by my goals!  (who would have thought?!)

October Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

September was a really tough month, busy but also with some family stress, a continuing bout of SAD Syndrome and one of my beloved cats got very sick. He was at the vets a lot, had a number of examinations, tests and procedures, lost a lot of weight and had to stay over. We did get to bring him home and have been trying to get him eating, he’s still not out of the woods yet but we are hopeful at this time. But it’s been emotionally draining.