Hello 2018: The “No Excuses” Year

As my last post of 2017 was a wrap up of the year, let’s make my first post of 2018 goals for what I want to achieve this year. 

After all, I want to start as I mean to go on!


Red Goals Word Shows Objectives Hope And Future


Despite having had this blog since 2013, I didn’t really start blogging until 2016 and only in 2017 did I find my feet with it and blog more regularly.

I am aiming to keep up the Monday and Friday blog posting schedule along with the Wednesday Guest posting.

So if you’re a writer, I may very well be chasing you for a guest post!


Because life is nothing without challenges… and I felt like adding in a few new ones for the year.

85k90Day Writing Challenge – I am once again participating in this challenge.  It really gave me the body of my current manuscript and I have a whole new one I am working on for this year’s challenge.  Started today and my word count is 1137 🙂

Uber Frugal Month – Signed up for the Uber Frugal Month, run by Mrs. Frugalwoods (not her real name) over at Frugalwoods.  My partner and I are pretty frugal, but we are saving for a house now and so we want to crank that up!

Reading Challenge – I completely failed my GoodReads Reading Challenge last year.  But I will not be thwarted this year!


Ever had a list of things you wanted to get done “when you get time?” well my list has been continually growing and that elusive beast known as “Spare Time” has failed to materialise.

So I am going to start carving up my days and just do them.  I have 6 (non-writing) projects I want to get done in the year.  That has GOT to be doable.


This year’s main focus (as well as writing) is health.  I am tired of being tired.  I know the Bold Move last year threw everything out of whack but I am bringing it back.

So I am getting back to my meal plan, re-doing the Couch to 5K plan and taking care of myself.


I will be completing at least 3 drafts of my current manuscript and maybe even (gods forbid) giving it to a beta reader or two (hyperventilates at the thought) and if when I complete the 85K Challenge, I will get that novel cleaned up ready for its first edit.

I also want to sort and catalogue all my writing ideas into one location and standard format.  This MAY be a little far-reaching with all the other things I want to do and seriously… I have like over a dozen pendrives of notes, dotted around my house.

Support & Network

I will be carrying on my support of other writers.  I have ordered some books by new writers that I will be reading and reviewing (possibly on this blog but definitely on Amazon).

I will also be continuing to beta-read for new writers and have set up a schedule to help me keep up.

In a hope of pushing more boundaries of my comfort zone I will be reaching out to people (more hyperventilating) and may even set up my YouTube channel with podcasts/animated videos that cover my writing tutorials.

No Excuses

It’s easy to start strong, a new year, all that shiny “newness” waiting to be turned from potential into something awesome.  But then we stumble, fall and oft-times give up.

Well… just nope!  This year is going to be a year of achievements, completed challenges, pushed limits and time used in full.

NB: Do I think I’ll achieve all these goals?  Possibly not but damn I’m going to try!

So what about you dear reader, what do you have planned for this shiny new year?


~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

I almost fell at the first hurdle by not writing a blog post today.  Shame!  But then I gave myself a kick, reminded ‘me’ that I needed to start strong or go home.  So here I am!  Woohooo!

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me all about your goals, if you’ve blogged about them, link your blog page in my comments so I can check them out.
We can make 2018 a good year… or at least one was we pushed the boundaries and keep going.

Happy writing

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11 thoughts on “Hello 2018: The “No Excuses” Year

  1. Jackie Baldwin

    Hi Ari, Happy New Year and wishing you all the best for achieving your goals! Mine are to write a third book and reclaim the hard won fitness I lost last year due to a heart problem which happily is now fixed.

    1. Thanks Jackie, apologies for the delay (got ill again!) Wishing you the best with your goals too, it’s great you are onto a 3rd book! Congrats! I am sorry to hear you had a heart problem but am glad it is fixed. Good luck with the fitness 😀

  2. Andrew Kopecky

    Thanks for your wonderful post, Ari! It’s always a pleasure reading your words. Glad you have a lot of plans for 2018! Be sure to put your health at the top of your list. Without your health you won’t be able to get much done. I have found that some days I just can’t do anything because I am so tired (usually because I haven’t slept enough, I’m not a very good sleeper) and those days of not getting anything done are just going to have to be part of my overall plan. No way around it. It’s better to live with our limitations and make the best of the days when our limitations are dormant, than to try to do what we can’t. Focus on what is important on a given day and go for more quality and less quantity. I’d like to see a future writing challenge for writing a short novel, such as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which is only 38,000 words. Such as challenge would compel writers to write and re-write and re-write and re-write, which is what it’s all about anyway. I never get any of my writing to where I am 100% satisfied with it, but it’s an exercise, every paragraph is an exercise in making it the very best I can. For 2018 I am planning to finally finish a novel that I wrote in 1997, set aside for 20 years, and then picked up again last year and set about re-writing. The re-write is better than the original, and I am 20 years older and a few years wiser 🙂 I also want to take my Nanowrimo novel from last November and turn it into something readable. I am doing the 85K Challenge and will use that opportunity to make the best of my Nano story. Above all, for you and for all writers, do your best to make every single word you write this year count. As I re-write and revise my 1997 novel, I constantly have that idea in mind, that no word can be “wasted.” Most of my writing is guided by my intuition, but grammatical constraints, intellectual constraints, and our intuition all have a role in guiding our writing. So, make every word count! Good luck to you, Ari, you’re the best! Take care! (And as soon as I have finished my story from 1997 I will send you a copy–you don’t have to read it, but I’ll be pleased for you to have a copy 🙂 )

  3. Sounds like you have a full year ahead of you, Ari. I cheering for you! 😃 👏 🏆

    I have things I’m hoping to accomplish but not much confidence with which to approach them all. We’ll see what happens with both the endeavors and the mettle to see them into existence as the year progresses – which expression will this emoji 😶 end up with?

  4. Hi Ari.
    Good luck with both your writing, and your non-writing goals.
    I think that my next book project will be something other than my series.
    This is a good time of year for me to get lots of good chores done around the house.
    ~Icky. 🙂

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