8 Quick Ways to be Awesomely Efficient

There is probably quite a bit of irony to the fact I’m writing about being efficient, while currently being my least-efficient-self. 

I’m normally an efficient, organised person.  However, since the last 4 months have been pretty rough, I lost my edge.

So this article is to remind myself about what I SHOULD be doing and to give all you readers out there who may struggle with productivity and efficiency, a little boost too 🙂

8 quick ways to be awesomely efficient

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How to recognise and stop doing busy-work

Edit: this didn’t launch on time as I wanted to check it before scheduling… but ended up being rushed to A&E early this morning and only just got back. Not a great start to the new year 😁

When a New Year comes around, I like to look back at my methods from the last year.  This is a great way to give myself some perspective. 

After all, the last thing I want to do is enter a sparkling new year with old, unproductive habits dragging me down.

How to recognise and stop doing busy work. Image: Woman working on laptop and phone

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How to be super efficient by batching your work

When you are spinning a lot of plates in your life, you damn sure need to use whatever system you can to help keep you working efficiently. 

I have a lot of projects on the go as well as business and home responsibilities so I am always looking for new ways to work better.

A number of you commented on my new schedule that makes me so much more productive, well this is the add on to that. 🙂

Banner - How to be super efficient by batching your work. Image; person writing in a notebook

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How to gain better focus and get stuff done

Recently I wrote a post about How my new schedule made me super productive, which became quite the popular post.  

Now that article was specific about how I block my time for certain tasks which has allowed me to get larger amounts of work done and also increased my focus (believe me, I was a true scatterbrain normally).

Apparently, I was not alone when dealing with the issue of focus and I received feedback from people both on this blog and in emails from people telling me the difficulty they have in getting things done.

I decided today’s topic was going to discuss some advice I have for aiding focus and being more productive in general.

Title Image: How to gain better focus and get stuff done. Image: Work desk with monitor, mug and phone

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How my new schedule made me super productive

After I failed my monthly goals in July, I decided I needed to try something new.  I have more tasks and work requirements on my plate now, but still the same 24 hours in a day.  So something needed to change.

So in August, I instigated a new schedule to see if that would help.  And wow did it ever!  This was why I managed to complete almost all of my August goals and started a few new projects.

The biggest surprise was writing 14k for my new WIP in just 3 days. 

Title Image: How my new schedule made me super productive. Image: woman working on laptop and phone

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How to be productive while working from home

Following our relocation last year, I made the decision to focus full-time on my business and writing so I now work from home.  However, working from home brings with it new challenges. 

So I thought I’d make today’s article about best practices to stay productive.  And since I have only been working from home for a year, I cajoled a few of my writer friends from Twitter to share their advice here too. 🙂

Title Image: How to be productive while working from home. Image: Woman working on a laptop at home

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