Goodbye, 2017 (Wrap Up)

Well as we slink towards the end of 2017, I thought I would do a wrap up as a way of a last blog post for the year.

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[ Life ]

The year started badly when my sister went into a coma.  Followed shortly after by another family member going missing.  Thankfully my sister recovered and the family member was found.

Then there was the closing of my office, meaning I was out of a job.  Definitely put a crimp in my plans since suddenly money became tight.

That was followed with a “Bold Move” plan where we decided to leave England and move to Northern Ireland.

We are still coming to terms with the change, but we have plans to get us where we want to be and we are trying to stick to them.

IMG_20160319_214147Sadly the year ended badly when we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Marvel.  She was over 16 years old, had hyperthyroidism and had recently developed a heart problem.

She took a bad turn last Saturday and was rushed to the vets, were we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

Both I and my partner were with her at the end, which we are truly grateful for but her passing has left us hollow.

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[ Writing Update ]

Since moving, I have been able to spend more time writing.  This means I’ve been able to increase my posting schedule on this blog so there are now (mostly) Monday and Friday posts from me with a new Guest post every Wednesday.

My own writing has been given a great boost and my current WIP (my preternatural urban fantasy, Dark Hart) is in its first stage of edits.

I also tried my hand at NaNoWriMo, though sadly due to catching flu halfway through I was unable to finish. But I did end up with a new novel idea, so still a win! 😀

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[ Stretching my Comfort Zone ]

Those of you who know me, or have been following for a while, will know I suffer from pretty bad anxiety that can be very restrictive.  However I have used 2017 to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Moving to Northern Ireland was a big change for me as I have never lived outside of my home county.  So moving to another country, to a place I had barely visited, was overwhelming, but I did it.

When this blog post launches, I will be on my next comfort zone push as I’ll be in the middle of traveling back to England alone for Christmas.  I don’t travel well and certainly don’t do it alone normally.  But that’s what I’ll be doing!

Add to that I have agreed to do an audio interview with the lovely Michael K over at Ex Libris on YouTube, so look out for that popping up after Christmas.

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[ 85K Challenge ]

I will once again be participating in the awesome 85K 90 Day Writing Challenge.  It starts on 1st January and runs until 31st March.

If you like being challenged and want to really give a boost to your writing, I highly recommend you join this challenge.

Check out the official Website and the closed Facebook Group.  Also, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.


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I would just like to thank you all for following, favouriting and commenting on this blog.  It has been awesome connecting with you all and a big special thanks to all the wonderful readers who reached on my “Tell Me About Yourself “post.

I will be back on this blog on 1st January 2018.  Wishing you all the best for the festive season. 

Happy writing

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2017 (Wrap Up)

  1. I am so sorry about your cat! It is heartbreaking when we have to make the decision to lose them! I am so glad you managed the journey back to England on your own. Hope you have had a brilliant Christmas so far and best wishes for a wonderful and successful New Year! xx

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Marvel, she was a beautiful lady. We lost both our kitty girls in 2017, so I know how it feels. They are all dear friends.

    Glad you made it home for a visit! Traveling on your own is a challenge and I’m glad you succeeded.

    Cool about the new novel idea coming out of doing NaNoWriMo!

    God bless you and your endeavors in the coming year!


    1. Thank you Tanja, for your kind words. Well I made it to England in one piece, though did break down after I got off the ferry lol. Enjoy the holidays a and I wish al the best for you in the new year. Ari

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