Hello 2019, let’s be friends, okay?

As 2018 and I part ways, I am greeting 2019 as a new friend full of endless opportunities.   There are new challenges to take, new goals to reach and I for one am excited to start fresh.

Hello 2019, let's be friends okay? Image: Road

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How to work with engagement on your blog

Happy Thursday!  Ready for another Blogger Series post? Well, before we get to that, I had an awesome surprise recently when I found out that my blog was mentioned as one of the Top 10 UK Writing Blogs (criteria included Google ranking, quality & consistency of posts etc).

This made me so happy and not just because I got a cool award graphic (see my sidebar).  I want to say a big thank you to all my readers and followers, I am so glad you enjoy this blog and I look forward to making many more posts 😀

Okay, enough of that, on with the regular schedule.  Today’s topic is about engagement.  All my previous blogging articles are listed under Tutorials in the Blogger Series section.

Title Image - The Blogger Series: How to work with Engagement on your blog. What to do when you receive comments

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