Hello 2019, let’s be friends, okay?

As 2018 and I part ways, I am greeting 2019 as a new friend full of endless opportunities.   There are new challenges to take, new goals to reach and I for one am excited to start fresh.

Hello 2019, let's be friends okay? Image: Road

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Are you doing the 85K90 Writing Challenge?

Since 2018 is drawing to a close, I felt this was the perfect time to let all of you who are unaware, that there is an awesome Writing Challenge that runs January 1st to March 31st every year.

On a personal note, those who follow my social media will know that I had to make the heart-breaking decision on Wednesday to let my little cat cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Due to this devastating loss, please be patient with me answering comments and questions.

As we knew this was coming, this week and next week’s blog posts have already been written so there will be no delay in uploads.

Are you doing the 85k90 Writing Challenge.  Image: Laptop and coffee on a desk

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