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Writing a Query Letter

On the blog, today, I thought I would share a blog post from Mae Clair over at Story Empire who wrote a great piece on writing query letters.
A great article for anyone who is considering querying their work.

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. Mae here today to discuss a topic that usually makes authors cringe. There are two things I despise writing—a book synopsis, and a query letter. I’ve had to suck it up and do the former, but until the end of last year, writing a query letter for literary representation was something I’d avoided.

I have, however, been sitting on a finished manuscript for almost two years. As a hybrid author, I’ve been published by a traditional small press, and have indie-pubbed my own work. The one goal that has escaped me is to find a home with a Big Five publisher. Most of us dream of that, right?

At the end of 2021, I decided to try. The first step—almost as hard—means finding an agent. We all know this is a lengthy process, almost assuredly layered with plenty of rejection. I’ve read horror stories from NYT bestselling authors…

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Why You Need Realism Within Your Fiction Writing

Why You Need Realism Within Your Fiction Writing

How do you use realism in your fiction?  This question is especially important to Fantasy and Sci-fi writers.  Fiction is a fabrication, not the reality or truth we know.  Fantasy or sci-fi fiction is considered the fantastical, often unbelievable.  But that doesn't mean that realism needs to get flung out the window.  In fact, it can be the foundation we build our story upon.

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Not Everyone Will Be Interested In Your Novel

Do you love every book you've ever read?  My guess is, not.  You may, like me, not even love every book by your favourite author!  And that's okay (no matter how guilty I sometimes feel about that).  It's important to remember that you don't love every book, that not every story you read will draw you in, not every main character's journey will affect you deeply.  And the same can be said for your story 

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5 of My Most Popular Blog Posts in 2019

Since we are still in January, I thought I'd take this opportunity to look back over my blog and see which posts people seemed most interest in visiting. I am always working on this blog, planning content, updating old posts, adding to my ever-growing list of topics, listening to my readers requests...so I wanted to see how last year turned out. It was my best year ever for visitors and comments and I'm so thrilled about that.  So I decided to have a look at which blog posts people really loved.