Distinguishable Characters By Andrew McDowell

This week's guest poster is my wonderful friend Andrew McDowell, author of Mystical Greenwood which came out earlier this year.  He is here today to discuss characters.  Enjoy. Hello.  Firstly, let me thank Ari for inviting me to be a guest post on her blog.  This is the first time I’ve ever been a guest …

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How To Write A Massive Cast Of Characters

So today I want to talk about dealing with a massive cast of character.  I am talking about main and secondary characters (not the odd village baker passing through a random scene never to be heard from again). If you're not sure what I mean by a large cast of characters, think Lord of the Rings.  As well as the main cast of the Fellowship, there were also additional characters that came in and hung around for a while.  They were fleshed out and with their own thread in the plot.

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Do You Know Who Your Narrator Is?

Recently, while driving, I got to thinking about perspectives within stories.  You won't believe how often I think about writing while driving. Now by 'perspective', I mean in reference to the narrator's voice. As in the perspective of the narrator.  If you are writing a book in third-person your narrator will probably change (unless you're writing third-person limited). I have seen in a few unpublished stories by young writers, where the authors didn't really take into consideration who the narrator was within a scene or chapter and this led to a disjointed story as the narrator randomly changed mid-scene.

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How to avoid Female Stereotypes in your novel

So this article has been bumping around in my head for a while. Probably because I’ve read books/seen movies that left me cringing at the stereotypes/clichés that popped their heads up. Characters should be likeable and relatable (unless their purpose is to be the opposite) so throwing in stereotypes that can frustrate, annoy or offend is not helping to encourage people to read your work.

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How To Develop Strong Character Interactions

Do you ever struggle with character interactions in your novel? When creating characters, I think most writers understand that they need to think about them in terms of physicality and personality. After all, your readers need to have a vague notion of the characters' looks and attitudes in order to connect to them. But it doesn't end there, interaction is also important and needs to be considered.