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Flash Fiction: The Dragon

Once again, I was invited to take part in an Indie Authors Writing Advent Calendar run by author Katharina Gerlach.  The topic for the Flash Fiction was "Dragons". After the Advent Calendar was completed in December, we were able to post our stories online on our own sites.  So in my continued effort to push my comfort zone boundary, I am sharing my new Flash Fiction here on my blog.  Hope you enjoy!  

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Let me Introduce you to my WIP: Dark Hart

Okay, so I'm not the most comfortable talking about my writing projects. Now, for someone who wants to be published eventually, that needs to change. Or, I at least need to just get over it and be uncomfortable. With that in mind, I decided to create a Round Robin game. How it works, is I introduce you to one of my WIPs. I then nominate another writer to introduce their WIP and then they nominate the next person. Let's get to it.... I want to introduce you to my WIP "Dark Hart".