August Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

It’s Goals Time again! If you are new here, I like to check in with my last month’s goals and see how I did.  I can then bounce any goals I didn’t manage to the current month.  I try to stick to around 5 to 10 goals per month.  If I have 10 goals, I try and make sure they are not all labour or time-intensive.

I don’t want to set myself up for failure by overstretching myself.  That is the key to using monthly goals.  Check below for a recap and to see what I have planned for this month.

Monthly Goals: August 2021 |

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Draft Blog Posts – DONE (Completed blog posts!  You may notice I am posting a little more frequently now.)

02 – Complete Joinery on Craft Room – DONE (yes! The skirting boards and architraves are done, furniture is in and I am slowly SLOWLY setting up all my biz stock.)

03 – Implement a build-up plan for my business – DONE (my shop only opened 2nd August, but I still implemented the build-up plan as I was able to take the last week or two of July to ramp up social media and make new items.)

04 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE (To everyone who’s on my newsletter list, sorry for the lack of newsletters. I have finally got back into my groove and July’s newsletter was sent!)

05 – Read one book – DONE (we moved all our boxes back to the house so I was able to find some of the books I’d got for Xmas.)

06 – Move all our possessions back to the house – DONE (as mentioned above, all our possession are back in our own house however, we are going through them slowly.  So our living room is just crammed full of boxes while we work our way through.)

07 – Get my vaccine (1st dose) – DONE (This was a nice quick one I was able to do!)

08 – Write a review for Sunflowers Under The Moon – DONE (The review.)

09 – Clear all notes from my old phone – PARTIALLY DONE (I managed to get from 400+ to 100+ notes left)

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Complete at least 2 blog posts

I am trying to get back to posting more frequently, on Fridays – so I have a list of blog post ideas and I want to get them all drafted including some for next month so I can keep the routine going.  These do NOT include the Podcast posts that appear on Wednesdays.

02 – Set up my Craft Room so that (most) things have a place

Part of the renovations to the house was getting my room and my partner’s room redone.  That meant having new sockets and lights, changing out the radiators, removing curtains and putting in blinds as well as painting the walls, adding new skirting etc.

I also changed my furniture so that it would be more effective for the business. I now have a “writing and admin” desk and a “craft/working desk”.  So I just need to restock my room and organise all the cupboards/storage.

03 – Prep 2 months of TMW games

With all the house stuff, then visiting family, I have not kept up with staying ahead.  So I want to get back into being more organised and ahead – it’s the only way I can stop getting overwhelmed.

04 – Send out newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Read one book

My partner treated me to a few novels so I am going to try and give one of the a read this month.  I’d like to get back to two a month, but with my shop just opened, I am busy sorting that.

06 – Organise greeting cards (OOT)

I have a massive stack of blank greeting cards I have somehow accumulated.  Now, I just don’t know enough people to get through all these cards so rather just keep them all, I am going to go through them, put them into packs with different types of cards and give them to family members so they always have a stack on hand. 

07 – Clear notes off old phone (Another OOT)

Since I failed to complete last month’s OOT, I am adding it to this month.  I only have another 100+ notes (it was over 400 when I started!)

08 – Plan some Ko-fi only content

A while a go I had a plan for adding more to my Ko-Fi page, however, this fell to the wayside.  I want to make a plan for creating and uploading Ko-fi only content to my page.

09 – (Attempt) to close my sister’s social media & websites

Following my sister’s death last year, I spent 11 months sorting her estate and getting everything in order.  It took a lot of time, energy and mental focus.  I now have to deal with all the social media companies to try and close her social media accounts – specifically her business ones.  These are never straight forward, hence the “attempt” part of this goal. 

What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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12 thoughts on “August Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

  1. The ONLY goal for August is to get back on my feet (after 6 days in the hospital with a blood clot) and grow stronger each day. With God’s help, I will accomplish that!

    1. Oh Rae, I am so sorry to hear this (and damnit, I’m sorry for the delay) I am being RUBBISH with getting comments, emails and texts replied too.

      I am glad you are out of hospital and I hope you have a speedy recovering. I can imagine that was a terrible shock when you learned of the clot.

      Sending you all the blessings, Ari

  2. Victoria Zigler

    Congratulations on completeing most, and almost completeing all of your July goals. Good luck with your August goals.

    My Dad showed up with some more craft stuff and a bunch of books for hubby, so our house now has boxes all over the place again. It doesn’t help that the recent heatwave made it difficult for me to do anything, so I didn’t get to sorting any of the stuff during the end of July. So, I’d like to find places for the new batch of craft supplies, and at least get the boxes of books emptied and on to the bookshelves, even if they aren’t organized (I figure we’ll get the boxes out of the way now, and I can put the organizing of the shelves on a later month’s to-do list). I’m also dealing with production of the audio versions of the two poetry books I recently released, and attempting to catch up on my reading goal (which I’m behind on for the first time ever).

    1. lol have you managed to get through all the boxes of craft stuff and books? I am just purging through more craft stuff – I want to box a lot up and see if anyone would like it for projects for their children etc.

      I think you’re right, sometimes just getting things onto shelves and into cupboards is enough and the tidying and organising can come later.

      Have you managed to get more reading done? I can’t believe how little reading I am doing!

      1. Victoria Zigler

        Most of it. The books are unpacked and on the shelves, and almost all the craft stuff is too. Personally I’m of the opinion you can never have too much craft stuff. Even if I’m incredibly relieved to be able to say I’m almost done sorting it all out. But once it’s sorted I get to play with it, so it will be worth it. 🙂 Of course, we’ll still need to get the books properly organized on their respective shelves, but it’s nice to not have a load of boxes everywhere any more.

        I got more reading done, but not as much as I’d hoped, so I’m still quite a few books behind on my reading goal. This is unusual for me, but I’m getting an awful lot less reading done than is normal for me, despite the ability to listen to audiobooks while unpacking boxes. Not sure what’s up with that. Oh well, at least I’m enjoying what I’m reading, even if I’m reading at what is an incredibly slow pace for me.

      2. My shelves are now full of books but I try not to look at them because they were just shoved on so are not in order and I dont have time to do it yet so I just dont look at it! lol

        I’ve heard from a lot of people that they are slowing with their reading. Maybe there’s something in the air!

      3. Victoria Zigler

        LOL! Yeah, I know what you mean about the bookshelves. At least they’re out of the boxes now though, right? 😉

        Yes, maybe there’s something in the air…

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