May Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

April turned out to be a hair-pull-inducing stress month.  Filled mostly with packing our home, moving boxes, stripping the worlds-worst wallpaper and trying to coordinate tradesmen who seemed incapable of a) answering their phones or b) replying to voicemails, texts or DMs (even when THEY told us which they preferred).

So I am approaching May with a lot more caution – mostly because I will be without an office, will have limited internet access and have to spend large amounts of time out of the house while people fix things. 

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Fix the Arc issue of The Blessed and answer question – NOT DONE – *manic laughter* why did I think I’d have any time to work on my novel is beyond me

02 – Do some Beta Reading – DONE (I completed the chapters I had originally been given)

03 – Read one book – NOT DONE (I am collapsing at the end of the night so no reading time has been managed)

04 – Book Woodworm treatment, plasterer & joiner – DONE (we have them all booked in!!)

05 – Plan social media calendar for business – PARTIALLY DONE (I started this and began to impliment some but then everything whirlwinded around me)

06 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE

07 – Write 2 blog posts – DONE

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Find a decorator

You won’t believe how hard it is to find a decorator.  Some of the rooms need to be wallpapered, can’t just be painted so we need to add in a decorator.  

02 – Do some Beta Reading

I am still beta reading for a fellow author, so again I’m adding it here.

03 – Check measurements for furniture

Since my partner and I now work completely from home, we are kitting out our respective offices in order to make the most of the space.  This means I am changing out my current desk and storage to something that will be more effective for my business but I need to make sure what I need/want will actually fit.

04 – Send out newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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5 thoughts on “May Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

  1. What a difficult time you are having! I hope this month goes well and you get all the work done with no hitches. We have had to put off having our hall, stairs and landing decorated as well as all the new doors painted – except they aren’t all that new any longer because of the delay!
    Take care xx

    1. Thank you, Clare. It has been difficult but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Might take a while to get there, be we are starting to see an end. Sorry to hear you’ve had to put off doing things around your house. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for things to get back to normal (if that’s even possible!) xx

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