December Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

We’ve finally reached the last month in this year.   Time for a final set of goals before we hit a brand new year!   What do you want to get done before the end of 2020?

I made sure not to overburden myself this month, there’s a lot going on in our home so the last thing I need is too much pressure.

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Consolidate all The Blessed notes – Partially done – couldn’t complete this as had to pack up some notes and since we are behind schedule with the house, I wasn’t able to get to them.

02 – Pack up the house – DONE

03 – Write 4 blog posts – DONE

04 – Read 1 Book – DONE

05 – Complete January’s TMW questions – DONE

06 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE

07 – Create a new Library resource – DONE

08 – Revamp my website – DONE

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Finish edits of Sanctuary 

I need to complete all the edits for my short story, Sanctuary.  What to read an excerpt?

02 – Read 1 book

I treated myself to several books from writers I found on Twitter, so I have plenty to choose from.

03 – Send out newsletters(s)

One for my author platform and the other for my business.

04 – Create a Library resource

Create a new free printable for my email subscribers.

05 – Plan my new Craft Room

One of the benefits of all this frustrating stuff having to be done to our house, means I can finally redesign my work room. 

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Happy writing & stay safe

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8 thoughts on “December Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

    1. lol I wish, it’s were I do all my writing and run my business. Over the last few months it was being overrun with papers, stock, stationery and I am hoping to corrale the lot of it into some working system again.

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