Interview with Author Jenna Moreci

Today I welcome the wonderful Jenna Moreci to my blog to do an interview, she is the author of Eve: The Awakening and The Saviour’s Champion. 

Big thanks to Jenna for being today’s guest.  Please make sure you check out her links and books at the end of this article.


Q01 When did you decide you wanted to become a writer?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since the first grade. Once a week, my class would bind “books” with construction paper and write stories we’d then present to the class.

My first epic novel was called The Funeral. It was about a dead cat and—you guessed it—its subsequent funeral.

While my writing has significantly improved since then, I can’t say the content has gotten any less weird.

Q02 How did family and friends react when you told them you wanted to be a writer?

They were so supportive and encouraged me every step of the way! Just kidding, they hated it.

To be frank, I haven’t met a writer who’s had supportive friends or family. I count myself lucky because my fiancé, Cliff, was unwaveringly encouraging. He never once left my side.

But my friends thought the whole thing was a joke. They’d ask me if I was going to write the next Twilight, and they’d roll their eyes like I wasn’t standing right next to them. Shockingly enough, we’re not friends anymore. I can’t for the life of me remember why.

As for my family, they were pretty embarrassed by my endeavour. I swear you’d think I had told them I wanted to be a drug mule.

The good news is, once you become successful, everything changes. Now that I make way more money from writing than I ever did at my “real job,” my family is beaming with pride, and those “friends” all want to catch up over coffee. Funny how that works.

Q03 Do you use any specific writing software when drafting your manuscripts?

Microsoft Word. Nothing fancy.

Q04 Do you have a writing routine?

Not really. I just grit my teeth and write, even if the words feel like pure garbage streaking the page. Write write write, then read through it the next day and edit as needed. Then write some more.

Everyone is always looking for a special routine or a secret formula, but in actuality, the process is simple. The only way out is through.

Q05 What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

This is going to sound like BS, but hear me out: I genuinely love the entire process. For most of my life, I was told I could never make it as a writer.

I thought I was doomed to a life of working a crappy nine-to-five, counting the minutes until my shift ended so I could finally go home and drink away the memory of my co-workers. And I was working a good job, the kind parents brag about! In finance, no less!

Now I get to write for a living. I get to create worlds, design characters and invent elaborate storylines. I get to write about fighting, and humor, and blood, and sex, and whatever I damn well please.

It’s like childhood playtime, except I’m thirty-two years old, and I’m getting paid. I am quite literally living my dream.

So you can throw the editing process my way, or the stress of publishing, or even the painstaking analytics involved in marketing, and I’m fine with it. All of it beats the alternative.

I get to do what I love every single day, and that right there is priceless. I am forever grateful.

Q06 From your writing, who is your all-time favourite character and why?

I have two, but I’m going to focus on Tobias Kaya from The Savior’s Champion. I’m beyond tired of reading about arrogant, chauvinistic leading men in fantasy.

I’m done with romanticizing gorgeous rich dudes who “take what they want.” In the real world, we call those men assholes at best, sex offenders at worst.

When I approached TSC, I wanted to write a guy who was kind. That’s it. Just basic integrity, empathy, and compassion.

I’ve missed that in leading men. Of course, Tobias isn’t just nice; he’s courageous, creative, and witty at both the best and worst moments. He’s a clever artist with a sharp tongue, and I love that about him.

Tobias isn’t self-absorbed; he cares about much more than himself, and that makes him honorable.

He doesn’t take what he wants; he makes sure he’s wanted in return, and that’s what makes him swoon-worthy. And he’s not over-confident; he’s scared and unprepared, but he faces those fears anyway, and that’s what makes him brave.

Q07 Are there any genres you would never write?

Never say never, but I don’t have any interest in contemporary. It mostly bores me. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the genre, or that I won’t love it someday in the future. But right now, it’s not for me.

Q08 What fun things do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to spend time with Cliff and our little puppy, Buttercup. She looks like a teddy bear with Yoda ears, and she’s the most affectionate critter you’ll ever meet.

I also enjoy pizza, wine, high heels, and heavy metal.

Q09 If you had to choose one of your characters to be your avatar in a fighting game, who would you pick?

Probably Enzo. He’s the personal guard for the queen of his realm, and homeboy knows how to mess people up.

You don’t want to fight a guy who makes threats like, “I rip your head from your neck like a bird.”

Q10 What is the last book you read?

You don’t want to know. It wasn’t great.

Q11 Are there any authors you would love to meet in person?

Can we resurrect them from the grave?

If so, a lunch with Maya Angelou and Edgar Allan Poe would at the very least be a fun story to share.

Q12 What is the best piece of advice you could give to new writers?


The full package. The works. All of it.

Get. That. Book. Edited.

Yes, I believe you are supremely talented. Yes, I believe your book is good.

Doesn’t matter.

Get an editor!

And no, not a friend who is “good at grammar.” Not a writer who “edits on the side.” And not a teacher who teaches grammar to teens. A real editor. With credentials, and experience, and a long list of past work.

If they don’t have a list of books they’ve edited, run away.

If they do have a list, read those books. Do they suck? Run away.

Also, did I mention? Hire an editor.

(PS: hire an editor)

About Jenna

Author Jenna MoreciJenna Moreci is a Silicon Valley native and Youtube sensation, dominating the authortube community with her straightforward and hilarious writing channel.

A lifelong storyteller, Jenna specializes in crafting thrilling adventures with heaping doses of bloodshed and romance.

When she’s not writing or ‘tubing, Jenna enjoys angry music, potent wine, and laughing until her face hurts with her goofball fiancé.


Website   |   YouTube  |  Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

The Savior’s Champion

The Saviour's Champion by Jenna moreci.  Book coverTobias Kaya doesn’t care about The Savior.

He doesn’t care that She’s the Ruler of the realm or that She purified the land, and he certainly doesn’t care that She’s of age to be married.

But when competing for Her hand proves to be his last chance to save his family, he’s forced to make The Savior his priority.

Now Tobias is thrown into the Sovereign’s Tournament with nineteen other men, and each of them is fighting—and killing—for the chance to rule at The Savior’s side.

Instantly his world is plagued with violence, treachery, and manipulation, revealing the hidden ugliness of his proud realm.

And when his circumstances seem especially dire, he stumbles into an unexpected romance, one that opens him up to unimaginable dangers and darkness.

Trigger warnings: this book contains graphic violence, sexual situations, and adult language. 


Amazon US   |  Amazon UK   |  Amazon CA   |  B&N   |  The Book Depository

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Interview with author Jenna Moreci. Image: Speechbubbles

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  1. I swear that girl has the energy to light up a city block. I love that I can hear all of her voices in my brain whether in a book, an interview, or her YouTube.

    Thanks for sharing your interview with her.
    She is so much fun.

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