January Round-up: 5 awesome articles I want to share

Last Monday’s of the month are given over to Round-Ups, this is where I share awesome articles I found this month, from other great bloggers.

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January 2019 Round up. 5 Awesome articles I want to share on writing and blogging

Bad blogging habits that’s ruining your blog – My Shards of Bard


Rejection Survival Kit – K M Allan


My Colour Coded 3 Level Revision Process – Madeline Bartson

Benefits for joining a Writing Group – Lorraine Ambers


Are you devoted to blogging? – Renard’s World

Please do check out these excellent articles and posts.  If you like them, reblog them, share the love with your followers.

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Happy writing

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15 thoughts on “January Round-up: 5 awesome articles I want to share

  1. We can always stand to learn a little more to enhance our labor of love Ari. Thanks for the tips. (Good luck with your upcoming move – bet you’re working and living out of boxes!)

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