February Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

It’s the start of a new month, so this is when I take stock of my monthly goals.  Looking back on those from the previous month and creating new ones to move me forward.

On a personal note, we finally have our house!  We are currently moving in and so while my blog posts for the next 2 weeks have all been written and scheduled, please have patience with me in regards to replying to your comments.

Last month’s goals

January was not kind to me.  I ended up being rushed to the emergency room 3 times in two weeks.  I have been on a lot of medication that has left me woozy and exhausted, so doing anything this month I consider a bonus.

1 – Write 30k This was part of the 85K challenge.  Pretty lofty and impossible to hit due to my hospital trips, but I did write something  PARTIALLY COMPLETED

2 – Update 10 old blog post COMPLETED

3 – Finish Packing – Yes!  It was late in the month but we finally got word that the house was ours.  So started the mad packingIn fact, we are moving in today! COMPLETED

4 – Sort paperwork – My business has been taking a hit due to all the time I’ve been ill, and I got behind on my paperwork.  I managed to carve out time and get back up to speed – PARTIALLY COMPLETED

5 – Scripting – This is my new project, video!  So I wanted to get 2 scripts done, didn’t manage to complete it but I made notes PARTIALLY COMPLETED

This month’s goals

Writing Header. Image: Pen with scrunched up paper

01 – Write 20k

While I’d love to make this higher so I can catch up on the word count that I failed last month, I’m already been optimistic about this.  After all, this month is when we are moving in, unpacking sorting appliances/furniture etc.

If I hit this target, I’ll still be way behind on the 85k Writing Challenge but that’s ok.  It’s about doing what I can.

Blogging header. Image: Laptop on desk

02 – Update 10 old posts

I’m pretty close to completing all the updates, I was going to make this 20 posts but I need to be realistic as to what I can achieve this month.

Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

03 – Organise my Craft Room

With the move comes a whole new craft room – this is where I work, where I write, where I do all the creative endeavours.

I need to figure out the best design for this room and then get it all set up so I can hit the ground running with old and new projects.

Business header. Image: chart

04 – Overhaul my shop

I did a business audit on my shop and while it’s in pretty good condition there are a number of things I need to change including shop design, inventory and processes.

I am going to be closing the shop for a week in the middle of the month so I can give it a good overhaul and start back stronger.

New Project header. Image: Lightbulb balloons

05 – Launch a video

Yes, I will be attempting to launch my first YouTube video.  Since I won’t be doing “Talking Head” it means there will be a certain amount of work I need to put in.

But I want to actually start and get into a nice rhythm.  I have a bad habit of putting things off and overthinking.  So, look out for it! 🙂

Are you hitting your goals?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing

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2019 Monthly Goals; february.  Image: Calendar and pen

19 thoughts on “February Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

  1. carmenlehtimaki

    Wow! So I found this because I play #themerrywriter game on Twitter. I had no idea you had a shop. And I love that you have monthly goals like this. It’s something I’ve started doing and I think it really helps. Can’t wait to see how you reach your goals this month. I hope you feel better 😍

    1. Hi Carmen, so glad you found my blog and I hope you’ve been enjoying #TheMerryWriter. Sorry for the delay in replying, as you may know ive been moving house and its been a hectic experience.

      I’m just trying to catch up on all tweets, comments, messages and emails now.

      I am feeling better thank you and while I hope to hit some of my goals, this month put me through a crazy time so i don’t think I’ll hit them all. Oh well, least there s next month 😊

    1. The video may have to be postponed to next month, haven’t managed to find the equipment. The camera I ran over was my little point and click, I love it because it was quick and compact so j could take it everywhere, unlike my big Pentax which while great is cumbersome.

  2. Congratulations on finally being able to move in to your new house. Also, well done on doing so well with your goals, despite the hospital trips. Hope the move is going smoothly, and the medical issues are resolved (or at least stable). Good luck with all you have planned for the month.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria, sorry for delay, I have so much to catch up with when we finally got the internet set up. The move is going well, not smooth but at least it happened, now just a million and one boxes to unpack

    1. Thanks for reading, sorry for delay, I have so much to catch up with when we finally got the internet set up. To be honest I think I underestimated just how messy this move was going to be (my others were definitely smoother) so I doubt I’ll manage these goals.

    1. Lol I think it’s because I normally do like 10 goals and cram them in the month, so having less makes it easy…total lie, especially since this move kicked my was and I’ll be surprised if I hit any, oh well, there s always next month, 😊

      Thanks for reading sorry for delay, I have so much to catch up with when we finally got the internet set up

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