71 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

The bucket list is a simple concept.  What do you want to have done in your life before you “kick the bucket?” 

I’ve talked about Bucket Lists before, but today I thought I’d do something special and share mine (well some of it).

71  things I want to do before I die.  Image: little yellow bucket full of flowers

Life is fleeting.  The older we get the faster it seems to go.  We all think we have more time than we actually have.

Bucket lists are like ultimate goals.  They should be fun, inspiring or challenging.  They should give you memories and experiences.  They don’t all have to be big.  It’s not the size of the experience that matters.

Your bucket list should be personal to you. I once wrote an older Bucket List on an online journal site.  A friend of mine then came through and picked it apart stating why he wouldn’t do a lot of them.  Weird… since it was MY bucket list. Of course, he wouldn’t.

It doesn’t matter what’s on your bucket list.  Some of them might seem small, or insignificant to other people.  But it’s your list.  These are the experiences you want to have.

You should check in to your bucket list every year.  Don’t keep putting it off.  Try to do something every year at least.

My full bucket list is actually 100.  But some of them I’m keeping private.  But here are 71 things on that list, with the ones I’ve completed crossed off.


01 Learn how to juggle

02 Ride a horse – DONE (several times including a midnight ride)

03 See the Northern Lights

04 Go on a Cruise

Cruise ship in the sea. Pixabay image

05 Solve a Rubix Cube

06 Fly a kite (as an Adult)

07 Visit Notre Dame cathedral

08 Make a movie

09 Ride in a gondola in Venice

10 Go Whale Watching

Humpback whale breaching water. Pixabay image.

11 Get to know your neighbours – DONE (I always try to do this)

12 Go to the ballet – DONE (saw Swan Lake)

13 Climb a mountain

14 Go to see my fave band’s concert – DONE (saw Space when I was 17)

15 Plant a tree

Tree landscape. Pixabay image.

16 Write & Publish a book

17 Learn to play the piano – DONE

18 Learn to play the violin

19 Visit a haunted location – DONE (went on a Ghost Tour)

20 Live in another country – DONE (Moved to N.Ireland)

21 Get a degree

Smiling graduate student. Pixabay

22 Ride a rollercoaster – DONE (my fave is Nemesis)

23 Help a stranger in distress – DONE (twice)

24 Paint a picture

25 Go to Disney World – DONE

26 Try Rock Climbing – DONE (I hated it)

27 Watch 200 movies from within the Criterion Collection

28 Read all the the Discworld Books

29 Sing Karaoke – DONE (horrifying for everyone involved)

30 Ride on a motorbike

31 Ride in a hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloons floating in the sky. Pixabay image

32 Run a half marathon

33 Own my own business – DONE

34 Fly an aeroplane

35 Fly in a helicopter

36 Go on safari

three zebras. Safari. Pixabay image

37 Learn sign language

38 Visit Stonehenge

39 Visit the marble caves

40 Solve a hedge maze

41 Get a tattoo – DONE

42 Give blood

Give blood.  Blood donation pack.  Pixabay image

43 Go on a stargazing date

44 Go camping – DONE (not a fan)

45 Visit the little museum of Dublin

46 Visit 3 countries outside of the UK – DONE (Kos, USA, Gran Canaria)

47 Carve a pumpkin

Pumpkin carving. Pixabay image.

48 Swim in the sea – DONE

49 Learn archery – DONE

50 Make a Family tree

51 Buy a house – DONE (bought a house at 18)

52 Try Pottery – DONE

53 See an active volcano

Active volcano in New Zealand. Pixabay image

54 Watch a St. Patrick’s Day parade – DONE (last year in Ireland)

55 Visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast – DONE

56 Visit Ballynoe Stone Circle – DONE

57 Teach a class – DONE

58 Go to a casino

59 Go on a real picnic

Picnic blanket with wine, bread and cheese. Pixabay image

60 Dine in a dining train

61 Go on a canal boat – DONE

62 Travel to another country alone – DONE

63 Watch a meteor shower

64 Quit a job – DONE (twice)

65 Make a snowman – DONE (& a snow fox and snow dragon)

66 Visit the Giant’s Causeway

Giant's Causeway formation

67 Learn how to play poker

68 Cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

69 Create a mural

70 Do a Photo-A-Day Challenge

71 Complete my bucket list

Total completed = 28 out of 71


Do you have a bucket list you’re actively completing?

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Happy writing

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24 thoughts on “71 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

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  2. surprisingly, I’ve done 40 of the things on your list! some i’d never do as that’s not where my interests lie but i do love a good bucket list. Having lost a fairly young relative suddenly last week, it’s important to live a full life- you never know when your number is up.

    1. Thanks for reading, Laura. I am so sorry to hear of your recent loss, that must be so heartbreaking.

      Just before Xmas we learnt a family member had terminal cancer and only 3 months to live. It is always a shock to learn such things and does remind you of how finite life is.

    1. Thanks for reading, Bryan lol I don’t think I can add that. Due to my crippling fear of travelling. I doubt I’ve travel further than Europe (if at all). All my earlier travelling was done when I was younger and my issue with travelling as just gotten worse.

      Do you have a bucket list?

  3. This post was so much fun, Ari! I like how some things on your bucket list are small and doable, but also super awesome like donating blood. I actually had that on my bucket list too because I thought it would hurt, but I finally did it last year and it didn’t hurt at all! Like I couldn’t feel the needle one bit. I did pass out though because I didn’t weigh enough…and half marathon is on my 2019 goal list. 🙂 So many little fun ways to make the most out of life. I hope you get to cross all of them off someday!

    1. Thanks for reading, Madeline. 😀 Oh yes, I made sure to include small, fun tasks as well. I think a bucket list that is all large, adventurous and/or expensive tasks can be overwhelming and less likely to be completed. It’s more about the memories and experience and they don’t all have to be big to be good experiences.

      I’ve had donate blood for a while, for a long time I was too low in weight to do it and now I’m just trying to get over my needle phobia and the horrid sensation of feeling the blood drawn. I am very sensitive and can always feel things like that and it makes me really nauseous,.. but I will do it… eventually 🙂

      Good luck on your half marathon, that is awesome!! 😀

      1. I hate getting blood taken for blood tests — I can feel the blood coming out of my arm (sorry that sounds gross!). But when I donated my blood I didn’t feel a single thing. I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself if it’s something you ever end up doing. It’s not as bad as you think. 🙂

  4. Laureen

    I love that list! Really and I am very pleased to have learned what Bucket-List actually means. In Germany instead of “kick the bucket” we say “den Löffel abgeben”. It isn’t quite polite but very common;)

    Thank you for following!

    All the best

    1. Thanks Lorraine. Do you have a lot on your bucket list? I have always been on the fence with diving. My brother does it and loves it and I do love the water, but I’m still not sure. And you will DEFINITELY get that book published!

  5. That is a list I could cope with and I have done quite a few of them – but volcanos or hot air balloon, no! Giving blood is easy, I’ve been doing it since I was eighteen because we were brought up on the story of my little sister’s birth and the 8 pints of blood Mum needed!

    1. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Was fun sharing this. lol I’m glad you find giving blood easy. It’s definitely not for me. With a needle phobia and a skin sensitivity that makes me feel when blood is drawn or fluids are given makes me physically nauseous.

      Give me a hot air balloon ride over a volcano any day over giving blood. But I am going to do it. Definitely. lol

  6. Wow! Ari! I’m in awe of all the places you have visited. I have a list of many places I would love to visit before I die: Britain, Canada, and Turkey tops the chart.
    I hope I get to swim in a sea someday.

    1. We must all have very different bucket lists; somewhere we live already is another person’s dream and it would be a dream to visit where they live! Swimming in the sea is wonderful Obinna, I hope you get to do it some day.

  7. I saw the “SF Masterworks Collection” goal and thought, “Ooh! That sounds like a great goal. I might add that to my bucket list.”

    Then I looked it up and saw a Frank Herbert book I haven’t read already and gave up, haha.

    1. Thanks for reading. lol I am not sure whether I’ll manage that one but I am going to try, I’m sure there will be some books on there that I just don’t care for

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