A Revelation & An Announcement

If you’ve been visiting this blog over the last few weeks, you’ll see I’ve been wrestling with some issues.  Things in my life have been getting overwhelming and I had been focusing too much on what I consider “busy work” as a way to cope.

Normally in this situation, I do a reset and things get back on track.  However, not this time.  Because technically, this time was different in many ways. 

A Revelation and an Announcement post. Image from Pixabay

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Why it’s Super Important to do a Reset Sometimes

How often do you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  We cram our days full of chores, work, errands, family, projects not to mention sleeping, eating, etc and if we’re lucky we managed to find some time to chill or do fun activities.

Well, recently I’ve felt like all I do is work.  Housework, business work, paperwork, blog work, marketing work… and it’s been getting me down.

When that happens, I usually try and step back and take stock.  So here’s me…stock taking.

Why it's super important to do a reset sometimes. Image of a blank chessboard

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Taking a short break

I’m currently back in England visiting friends and family, so I’m taking a little break from blogging.  Travelling and being around so many people for extended periods takes a lot out of me.

There will be no post on Sunday either but I’ll be back on Monday.

There will be a delay in replying to comments, but I always appreciate that you guys take the time to message me.  I’ll reply when I get back home.


Taking a short break. Be back soon. Image from Pixabay