Interview with author Project Kyle

Today’s guest post is an interview with sci-fi author Project Kyle, check out his answers to my questions, below!  Enjoy.

Guest post: Interview with author Project Kyle

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November Round-up: 8 excellent articles I want to share

Firstly, I want to thank all my awesome readers for their kind words of support following my cat’s surgery. 

Due to her advanced age, such procedures are fraught with risk and while we are still waiting on results, it was heartening to receive so many kind words of support and encouragement.  Thank you 🙂

On with today’s post.  In case you missed it last month, I’ve decided to make the last Monday of each month a Round-up of articles I’ve really enjoyed during that timeframe.

November Round Up: 8 Excellent articles I want to share

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A Writer’s Guide… to being a Reporter

Welcome to the new series!  This is the Writer’s Guide series which will be published every Sunday.  These articles are resource posts from other writers who share their knowledge and experience at different occupations or skills.

The idea behind this is to create a resource library of information that other writers may find useful when creating characters with these skills/occupations.

A Writer's guide to being a reporter. Image: Newspapers in a stand

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October Round-up: 10 awesome articles I want to share

What’s this!?  A Monday post that’s not Marketing?  Don’t worry, I promise Monday Marketing will be back next week.  However, I decided to shake things up a bit.  

So now, the last Monday of each month will be a Round-up of articles I have enjoyed during the month.  There are so many awesome blogs and writers out there, I want to share some of those with you each month. 

October 2018 Round-up: 10 awesome articles I want to share

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