A Visit In Pictures. Text overlaid on a photo of Giants Causeway

A Visit In Pictures

Thought I'd do something a little different for today's post and share some photos.  I always get inspired when I visit Linda's blog: Walkin' Writin' Wit & Whimsy, Linda always takes the most wonderful nature shots. Well, since I did a lot of visiting of places when my family was here.  I thought I'd share a few photos

The Path Of Least Resistance

I had a random epiphany recently.  It started when I woke up feeling rather manic and hyperactive.  During the hour my partner was away at an appointment, I got my usual chores done... then about 20 other things.  (It was a really good day!)  One of the things I managed to do was organise my bedside cabinet.  I was just wrapping up my headphones and popping them in their zippered case, to go in the top drawer when I realised, that was dumb! Let me explain...

One Year On

Last month, I passed through the first anniversary of my sister's death.  That meant we had hit all the firsts - First Christmas without her, First Birthdays (hers and ours) without her etc.  I was told that firsts are hard.  Passing each one like a little snick against your heart.  So how do I feel now?

Dealing With Death In The Digital Age

For the last eleven months, I’ve been dealing with my late sister’s estate.  I took on the role in order to ease the burden for my parents.  Dealing with tragedy in the middle of a pandemic, while also being in a different country didn't make this any easier.

However, as of writing this, I have finally (I hope) completed everything that I had to.  So now I want to talk about it, and also give some advice to people.

NOTE: Please remember I am in the UK and any information or advice I share is in respect to how things work in theUK and so may be different in other countries.