Dealing With Death In The Digital Age

For the last eleven months, I’ve been dealing with my late sister’s estate.  I took on the role in order to ease the burden for my parents.  Dealing with tragedy in the middle of a pandemic, while also being in a different country didn't make this any easier. However, as of writing this, I have finally (I hope) completed everything that I had to.  So now I want to talk about it, and also give some advice to people. NOTE: Please remember I am in the UK and any information or advice I share is in respect to how things work in theUK and so may be different in other countries.

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A Flash Of Colour In A Gloomy World

Thought I'd do something a little different for today's post and share some photos.  I take inspiration from two awesome bloggers that I follow, Clare at A Suffolk Lane and Linda at Walkin' Writin' Wit & Whimsy. The photos they share always draw me in and I love seeing the world from different locations.  As a nature lover, I get such great joy from seeing their photographs.

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Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Today, the 15th November is the Day of the Imprisoned Writer. It is an international day that is recognised, annually, as a time when we shine a light on and support writers who have been imprisoned for standing up to those who attack their rights and freedoms of expression, who resist, who fight back with words, against those who would repress basic human rights. This day was first marked as the Day of the Imprisoned Writer in 1981, (the year of my birth), by PEN International Writers in Prison Committees.

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How I Am Tackling My TBR List

Every reader I know has an ever-growing To Be Read list. With the ease of ebook publishing, now more than ever can you get your hands on cheap, easily stored books. We all joke about the mountain of books, both digital and physical, that we continue to build without reading. But as a writer, I want to actually read the books I have, not just collect them. After all, I want people to read MY books when they come out rather than have them languishing on someone's TBR list. So, I needed a plan!

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See you in a Month!

For those who missed it, I recently wrote a post about how I need a break to focus on my health and wellbeing. So I'm taking a month-long hiatus throughout May. There will still be some posts appearing on my blog, these will be my guest posts on Wednesdays. All these posts are scheduled so I really am taking a break. All comments after today will be responded to in June when I'm back.