Is It Time For You To Do a Rebrand?

Welcome back to another Monday Marketing post!  Today I’ve been thinking about branding.

Now as writers, we don’t always remember to think about our branding but it is important.  I’ve discussed being consistent in your branding, but what about the idea of rebranding?

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Your Branding

As a writer, you will most likely have a presence online.  That presence will be marked with your branding.

Your unique brand is made up of numerous elements, everything from a colour scheme, logo, font, style etc.

Branding is something that your readers (and potential readers) will see and will associate with you.  Hence why you need to keep that consistency.


Is it Time for a Change?

Firstly, you need to consider if rebranding is right for you.  If you are still new, have recently built up a brand image then chances are you are best staying with your overall look.

If however, you’ve had your blog, website and/or social media for a while, or made some big changes in the direction you are going, then you might want to at least consider if a rebrand may be a good idea.


Why Would you Rebrand?

Rebranding can be done for many reasons, in business it is often done following a takeover, change in leadership or if the business products/services change direction.

As writers, you may want to rebrand if you’ve changed your genre.  Say you originally wanted to write YA but now you’ve moved to sci-fi.  A rebrand to show this shift would be advisable.

Or as I mentioned, if you’ve been online for a while, maybe the imagery and style you originally created are no longer reflective of you.  It can be a way of remodelling yourself and your image.

Rebranding can also be useful when you move from a hobbyist to a more professional writer.


Things to Consider When Rebranding


Make sure you have a good reason to rebrand.  The last thing you want to do is overhaul everything and change your branding if it was working or it hasn’t been that long since you did your last rebrand.


Consider what rebranding will take.  Do you have a website/blog that will need to be rebranded?  What about marketing materials such as press kits, business cards and author swag?

Are you in numerous online locations such as social media, that will need to be overhauled as well?

Remember, consistency is key, so if you undertake a rebrand you will need to consider all the areas that will be impacted.

This will take time and possible cost, especially if you have to reprint marketing materials.


Rebranding is not always positive and any build-up you’ve created could be lost if you suddenly make changes without any notice to your readers.  A brand is something that is reflective of you but also a recognisable presence.

Making large changes suddenly can strip away that recognition.  Especially if it is a large change.


How to Perform a Rebrand

Make a decision

Firstly, decide if you actually need a rebrand.  Ask friends and family, even reach out to your audience if you aren’t sure.

Consider how long it’s been since you created your branding.  Make a note of what you like and dislike about it and why you are considering a rebrand.


Make a note of all your locations online, all your materials, anything that would need to be changed.

List your social media platforms (even the ones you don’t use often…or ever), your websites, any physical documentation that would have old-style/logos on.

Take your time with this, you don’t want to miss anything.  Remember to include often more obscure places like Gravatar and that can be forgotten.

Clarify your message/services

Now, think about what you are hoping to portray in your branding.

  • Does your current brand make it clear what you are/do?
  • Do you want to clarify the message that you’re a fantasy writer?
  • A children’s writer?
  • A non-fiction writer?

Rebranding is designed to strengthen your brand’s message, it should allow you to visually connect with your audience.

  • Does your branding make it clear who and what you are and what you offer?
  • Does it identify your target audience?
  • Is it engaging/striking/memorable?

Choose your branding areas

Consider what you want to change.  Do you want a logo?  How about new banners on everything?  A colour scheme change?  Different pictures?

Maybe you like your logo but want all your banners to be updated.  Maybe your banners are perfect but you need a new avatar image that better complements your style.

Pick your colours

A colour scheme is a good place to start.  One thing I see people do often is to instantly choose the colour they love.  That’s okay, but don’t become limited by that.

My main colour scheme which you see in my logo and my header banners is a peachy-beige colour, different shades of grey and black.  These are my core colours.  I do have other shades I use sometimes but I always refer back to my core colours for most of my branding.

I even changed my avatar that was originally in colour and had a purple background (because purple is one of my favourite colours) to being a grey-scale.  This is because it fits better with my core colour scheme.

In fact, I’ve never been a fan of peachy-beige or any of those pale pinkish colours.  However, when I chose my banner image which I love I found the peachy-beige paper it featured was really striking so I used it as a core colour.

Try different colours, see which ones work.  My recommendation is to aim for at least 2 core colours.

Choose your font

Like colours, fonts are important.  There’s nothing wrong with using a typical font such as Times New Roman or Arial.  Just make sure it’s used consistently.

If you do want something a little different, there are many places online where you can find different font styles.  Think about why you want that font.

The font used on my blog banner was chosen because it has this curly, script style and it totally reminded me of fantasy stories.  Since I mostly write fantasies, I wanted something to reflect that.

That font is used for my name and banners, but I have another few fonts I use for the more everyday things like the blog post title images, my printables etc.

One point – Make sure your fonts are readable.

Choose your imagery

If you want to use imagery such as in your banner, your avatar, on a logo then consider what images you feel would compliment you and your work.

For myself, I always associated the quill pen with both writers and fantasy, so I chose that as my image and have made sure to use a banner picture that featured a quill pen.  I used one as my favicon and also had one included in my new logo.

I know writers who use coffee mugs as their imagery, others who use fountain pens, some use logos connected to their genre or series etc.  There are lots of ideas to choose from.


Reveal your Rebrand

Take the time to make up all the banners, avatars etc for your rebranding then update all your online locations in one day.

Make a clear change so take your list of places that would need the rebrand, make sure all the banners and avatars are made for each (different platforms can have different banner sizes etc).

Then spend some time updating each one.  This way you have a clear, organised and consistent look across all your platforms in one day.


Examples of Branding

Here are the websites of some writers I follow, who have very clear branding.  Check their pages to see:

Rachel Poli

Lorraine Ambers

Rebecca Alasdair

S. R Severn

Have you done a rebrand or are you considering a rebrand? 

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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21 thoughts on “Is It Time For You To Do a Rebrand?

  1. Susan L Urasky

    Excellent topic, love the websites your mentioned, if Rachel, Lorraine, Rebecca could list their WordPress theme they are using that would be most helpful. Thanks Ari.

  2. Sumi Singh Writes

    I have been wanting to rebrand my blog now that I have a book to my name. So the professional route is the way to go. But I’ve decided to do it myself, which is daunting as it eats into my writing time. Also I’m very indecisive and fussy! Procrastination station at the moment 😦

    1. Hi Sumi, thanks for reading. 🙂 I do understand, it is always frustrating to lose our writing time, though since your blog is possibly a “hub” for you as an author, it definitely is worth the time.

      My best advice is make a list of everything you need to do for that project, whether that’s creating new graphics, sorting a domain name, changing colour scheme, changing theme, taking new photos etc.

      Take the list and break them down into small manageable chunks. It is always a lot easier to deal with a daunting task if you can focus on small bites rather than the whole thing.

      Good luck with your rebrand 🙂

  3. Good advice. I would add that one should recognise what was good about the old brand and try to retain those parts. In other words, don’t change for the sake of it, but only to improve.

  4. It’s interesting there’s been talk of rebranding in other places of my life. I think rebranding can also help you focus on the areas you’re strong on now and where you want to be. It might be necessary to get views on where you’re at blu now so you can think about where you want to be and how to get there. 😀

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