How to Decide on your Social Media Platform

Firstly, big thanks to everyone who listened to my audio interview in last Friday’s post and gave their support. 

It was truly appreciated and has removed some of the terror from such activities.

Anyway, onto today’s topic which is all about choosing your social media platforms.

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Do I need social media?

Technically no.  However while you can be a successful writer without social media, it can take a lot of work, might mean more actual face time to network with people and seriously, who the hell wants to do that!??

Maybe you do and you are happy to try, if so great!  If not, then like the rest of us you turn to social media.

You are, most likely, already on social media in one place or another (or all) but we are talking about it in terms of you the writer!

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Do I need to be on all the social media platforms?

I’ve seen a few writers recommend you get on them all!  That’s it, you should be on every single platform available!  Now!!

I… disagree.

In fact, I REALLY don’t recommend this.  When you’re a writer social media is not just for socialising, it’s for building your brand, marketing your book, connecting with readers and eventually fans.

If you try and do them all, you’ll spend more time on these platforms than actually writing.  So yes you need to be specific.

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How much time do I have?

Seriously, how much time do you have?  Because writing a book takes time, editing takes time, building a brand takes time, marketing takes time and posting, sharing, commenting, following on SM, takes a lot of time.

If you put yourself on every SM system, you are stretching yourself too thin.  Using SM as a writer for the business side is not just about posts screaming “BUY MY BOOK” or “I’m writing a book!”  people would get tired of that.

Trust me, I see this shit on my feed all the time and am forever unfollowing people.

While it is easy to write a quick tweet or a Facebook post, you’re selling yourself in a way and so you may need to start thinking more about the posts your upload.

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How do I know which platform is the best?

Trial and error.  Firstly, pick maybe 2 or 3 that you either enjoy or that are easy enough for you to use.

If you can open them in your author name and if that’s taken add the word “author” at the beginning or end eg “AuthorAriMeghlen” or “AriMeghlenAuthor”.

Keep them all consistent so try and use the same username for each SM.  Then you need to start using and monitoring.  You want to be tracking your stats and engagements and keep up to date with changes.

Yup, it’s not all posting silly memes.  If you want to get the best out of your SM you need to get it working for you.

Only by monitoring what you are doing and what the results are, will you know if that platform is good for you?

For example:

Facebook does well with videos, several photos in a single post and sharing posts.  Apparently, hashtags don’t really help and some have even said they can have a negative effect on a post’s reach.

Facebook also changed its algorithm recently to punish anyone who begs for follows or asks for shares or likes or any of that.

Twitter increased their tweet size but again, photo tweets do best as they are easier to catch a person’s eye and using strong, relevant hashtags helps!

Almost all SM have ways to check your engagement, reach, as well as best times/dates for getting interactions and engagements.  This information will help tailor your Marketing Plan.

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Some thoughts

Social media can be fun, a way to chat to friends and share your thoughts, but it is also a business tool and if used well, can help you increase your reach, get your name, your book out there 🙂

~ ☆ ~

Thanks for visiting this blog, hope you found this useful.  As always, if you have any thoughts or comments or just want to say hi, drop me a note.

Hopefully will be back on Wednesday with a new guest post. 🙂

Happy writing

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9 thoughts on “How to Decide on your Social Media Platform

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  5. Loving your advice posts.
    It’s all about trial and error, some social media’s have fallen out of popularity since I started building my brand. And each one requires a different way to interact. My favourite is instagram, the quickest is Twitter, I’m still working on Tumbler and Facebook can be draining.
    Setting a target to interact for 10 minuets on any chosen platform, is a good starting point.

    1. I know what you mean. Facebook is such a drain! I prefer going on there just to chat to people on messenger. Twitter is not bad and Instagram is my fave too but my phone is crap so I can’t upload as often as I like.

      I never got into Tumblr. I never understand how some people can run so many different SM platforms. They can take so much time 🙂

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