How Facebook Has Become A Benefit

If you’ve been following this blog for, well, any length of time you will probably have seen me categorically-state how much I hate Facebook.  Now, that is still very true, of all the social media platforms, I consider it the worst, however, I have FINALLY found a benefit for it.

How Facebook has become a benefit

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Why I Hate Facebook

Let’s do a quick recap on why I am not a Facebook Fan.  I didn’t join Facebook when it started, it seems really odd that everyone wanted to reconnect with people who went to their school or follow work colleagues.  I saw so many of my friends connecting with people they had hated in school, just because they could chat ABOUT the school on each others “walls”.

Everything about it annoyed me, the look, the use, everything.  Fast forward, I joined in 2016. Urgh, hypocrite am I right?  Well, in my defense, it was suggested that Facebook was good for writers and businesses to be on. My “personal page” is almost never updated as I don’t care to connect with friends on Facebook.

Jump ahead two years later and I was still not impressed.

I have both an Author Page and a Business Page on Facebook and used them extremely sporadically (I had in the past used them consistently, and felt no real benefit).

I was again told how “great” the Facebook groups where, so I joined a few but wow… the groups seemed to all be full of angsty drama.  Sorry, I like to leave that back in my High School years, thank you very much!

Then, Facebook got worse, it changed it’s already annoying algorithm to remove almost any organic reach and unless you made loads of comments and reactions (anything but a like… Facebook ranks “Likes” the lowest of all the reactions) and got lots of comments in return, you were barely seen by even people who followed you.

That’s a truly pants system.

Now, Let’s Talk About Schedulers

Okay, let’s jump forward (again)… I am now more into using social media than I was at the start.  However, my time is fleeting so I use a Scheduler to make my life easier.

By scheduling posts I do not worry about missing the “optimal” posting days/time and leave more time for actually checking and responding to people (and a million and other tasks I have to do).  After all, having to stop in the middle of a working day to post on Twitter or upload an image to Instagram breaks my focus – not good for deep work!

However, Facebook HATES schedulers and apparently penalises accounts (via the algorithm) that use schedulers by not giving you as much visiblity to those who use them.

Alice In Wonderland Facepalm meme

So yes, Facebook was losing all possible use for me.  I couldn’t even SCHEDULE posts to help me use it without suffering.

Let’s Discuss Instagram

Still with me?  Good.  Now Instagram is GREAT for writers, it is full of bookstagrammers and readers so it’s a haven for us writers.

However, Instagram does best with long captions and great images.  My phone takes CRAP pictures and I hate HATE typing long captions on my phone.  I prefer to use a laptop to do 99% of my work, not mobile devices.

But you can’t just log into Instagram on your laptop and schedule/post Instas.

Now, there are some schedulers you can/could use.  Buffer, the scheduler I use, used to let you post to Instagram.  It didn’t do it directly, you got a “push” notification on your phone and would then have to post the image, which did let you add filters etc and then copy and paste the caption (still too much time lost for me… I know, I am so picky with my time).

Then they took that option away unless you buy the Business account which is WAY more expensive and gives you loads of features little ol’ me doesn’t need.

And remember, since Facebook bought Instagram, they aren’t big on 3rd Party schedulers with Instagram either!

So Why Is Facebook A Benefit Now?

I know I took you round the houses with this, but we’re almost there.

While on my Business Page on Facebook (that actually gets some traffic) I noticed it was telling me to use the Business Suite (rather than Publishing Tools) to schedule a post.

When I went on there I noticed you could schedule a post to Instagram too.  Either the exact same image (with different text, if you want) or just schedule a Facebook post or just schedule an Instagram post.

This meant I could:

a) Use my laptop to create graphics and then load them into Facebook’s scheduler with a nice long Insta caption and hashtags all perfectly typed using my computer NOT my stupid phone.

b) Post just to Instagram at it’s best days/times

c) create and schedule Insta STORIES too!!

d) respond to comments from Instagram through the Business Suite (along with any Facebook comments).

Note: There is a con, you can’t add filters as the post just uploads directly – but if you don’t use filters, or add them with a graphics software before you schedule that can help.

This is a game changer for me!  I love Instagram and think it’s a strong platform for writers, I’m also a very visual person so I enjoy Insta-scrolling.  (Though the notifications section needs work, seriously Instagram designers, let’s have a separate area for comments to make it easier to reply to all comments rather than dumping everything together!)

I had stopped using Instagram last year because the faff it caused was too much.  But now I am able to plan out a whole month of content for both my Writer Insta and my Business Insta, create and schedule everything.  I have even been dropping the odd post on Facebook too.

Now, I may be telling you something you already knew (sometimes I really am the last to know!).  But in case there is just one person out there, who was unaware, I hope this helps!  Please note, I don’t believe this is possible to do on a Profile/Personal Facebook Page.  You need to have a Business or Author Page in order to access the Business Suite.

Do you have an old Facebook Account just floundering doing nothing? Then spend a day and get yourself scheduling some Insta posts and Stories to free up time later!

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Did this help you at all?

Happy writing

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12 thoughts on “How Facebook Has Become A Benefit

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  2. I love using the business suite too! I never used to schedule anything and just did it all manually, but ever since I saw that you could do both a Facebook post and an Insta post, I started using it for my regular weekly posts and it’s been a game changer. If it did Twitter too, I’d be set 🤣.

    1. It has definitely become a big benefit! Have you tried TweetDeck? It’s free and can be used on your laptop. Can’t remember how many you can schedule but I think it was a decent amount.

  3. I noticed the business suite a few days ago. I too prefer the laptop rather than a phone, or ipad for that matter though I can use a keyboard with the latter. I have fat thumb syndrome so a phone is useless!

    1. I just never got the hand of typing on the phone,probably because my nails are too long. also I hate doing anything on the phone for too long.

      Have you used the Business Suite yet?

    1. It’s definitely worth a look. Insta is more popular for readers than Facebook and having Business Suite has made it more workable. Especially bring able to do stories too.

      If you try it out, let me know what you think.😊

  4. I love the Business Suite and Creator Studio that integrate Facebook and Instagram for me! While I am also more of an Instagram gal too, I enjoy sharing to Facebook on a semi-regular basis. 🙂

    1. One tip I recommend us type out your description/caption before you add your picture/graphic/video.

      Every time I would add the picture then type and because it seemed to take s few minutes to upload the picture it kept bouncing my cursor back to the top of the text box.

      Other than that it’s worked like a charm. If you try it out let me know what you think

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