Ep 061 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Ready for another podcast episode?  On today’s episode Rachel and I talk about writing spaces by asking:

“Do You Need A Dedicated Space For Writing?”

Episode 061

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6 thoughts on “Ep 061 | The Merry Writer Podcast

    1. lol thanks Tom. Hopefully, you can get another adblocker that will not remove the option to share but still protect you from the (excessive) ads. Is it just me or have the ads online got even more overwhelming?

      1. Ads have gone W-A-Y over the top and passed my tolerance for them eons ago. So it’s not just you. At first, they were mildly informative. Now they’re a first-class pain in the butt. But there’s one that really bugs me. It’s about Ben Affleck. A tiny box appears on the screen and says “I wonder who he’s dating now?”. Who the @#$% cares!

      2. I totally agree! They are so rubbish and useless these days that even any decent ads we barely tolerate because we’ve been bombarded with so much garbage.

    1. Sorry to hear, I have noticed a few bugs appearing on WordPress recently. I can’t open my notifications on the first try, I always have to refresh twice before they appear.

      I wonder if they are doing some program changes?

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