1. Hi Ari,

    I don’t think you should mark goals as ‘failed’ in bright red capitals! I think that, psychologically, doing that doesn’t help or encourage your psyche. It’s damning you before you’ve even begun! Sounds like you’re back at school! Be kinder to yourself. Try: ‘To be worked on’. or something like that. Good luck with your break.

    Jo Clutton
    Creating My Odyssey

  2. Good luck and I hope the sabbatical helps you focus on what’s important to you. I am fortunate – perhaps because I am old – that I can restrict time spent on social media and email. It can be a huge drain on productivity.

  3. Enjoy your time off social media Ari. I’m sure you’ll get back into your love of writing without too many distractions going on. I know I have to be in a reasonably peaceful state of mind to sit down and write. So glad you’re doing the pod casts though. I love to do some crochet as I listen. Take care, we’ll be here when you get back :>)

  4. All the best Ari! If there was ever a year to take an extended break to reflect on what’s important to you, then this is that year. I hope you enjoy your time away and renew your love of writing. 💖

  5. I hear ya. Sometimes we just need to simplify things and focus on the things that really matter to us.
    Enjoy! I hope to see you back on your blog at some point since your posts are ones I learn quite a bit from.

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