This Is Not My Cat

Are you a cat person?  If you weren’t already aware, I am very much a cat person.  So today, I’m shaking things up with this a silly post that has nothing to do with writing.  Enjoy!

BAnner This Is Not My Cat.  Image of Cat in a cat from StoryBlocks


Crazy Cat Lady

For those who follow me on Instagram, (when I’m actually posting!) several weeks ago I posted some photos with the caption “This is not my cat.”

I had been looking through old photos and found some cat images.  None of which were of my cats.

I have a confession to make… all cats are my cats.  I consider them all part of my family and if they visit me, they get given random names, I chat to them, give them strokes and lots of chins scritches.

No matter where we moved, we always seemed to attract the local cat population almost immediately, who soon realised a) we didn’t have a dog so our garden was safe and b) we liked cats so they were safe around us too.

(Some humans are arseholes who hurt cats.  Cats are some of the most abused animals so I like that they have sanctuary in my garden).


Introducing… This is Not my Cat

So I thought I would make this post and throw in all the photos I could find of the cats who have visited me.


This little man visited us in our old house back in England.  He was a little nervous, to begin with, but then even got to the point of climbing onto our kitchen roof, to cry for attention at our bedroom window.

He would also follow me around the garden and lounge around in my way when I was hanging out the washing.

Small black and white cat who visited me from 2010


This older cat was a very nervous guy and had some battle scars and a snaggle-tooth.  He was very thin when we first encountered him and we weren’t sure if he’d been abandoned.  That sadly happens a lot with older cats.  We never got a great photo because he startled easily.

Grumple the cat


Cats will often move territories, so while Kit and Grumple would sometimes both be in our garden at once, Kit and Grumple eventually stopped visiting and we got a new cat visitor.  Meet Hunter, named because she was always trying to kill the birds and squirrels in our garden.

Thankfully she never managed to kill anything in our garden due to our ground feeder cage and our towering hanging feeder but she gave it a damn good try.  She also climbed on the roof to demand attention.

Hunter the Cat

There were a few other cats we saw, but I didn’t always manage to get photos.

Miss Nibs

When we moved to Northern Ireland, we stayed with my partner’s mother while we sorted our own accommodation.  Almost immediately, we started to get visits from this little black and white cat, complete with goatee beard who I named Miss. Nibs.

She still lives in the area and when we visit, she will often come running, crying the whole time until she reaches us for lots of strokes.

Miss Nibs the Cat


When we moved into our new house, we were soon met by Shadow.  He was a massive, furry love-bug who would charge out of his hiding place beneath a bush and rush towards us for lots of chin scritches.

He wasn’t one for standing still so this is, by far, the best photo I have of him.  He charged me the moment I lifted the camera.  The other, more blurry shots were just awful.

Shadow the Cat.  Large black fuzzy cat


This is less of an unknown cat who visits and is instead, one of my neighbours’ cats that enjoys visiting and hissing at my own cats through the window.  He was very skittish about strokes and would (sometimes still does) vanish into the hedge if we open the door too fast when he’s around.

Other than that, he now sunbathes on our windowsills, sunbathes in our flowerbeds, and enjoys head scratches.

Yoda the cat.  Small, dark black/tabby cat


This is (currently) our newest visitor.  Since Shadow stopped visiting, his replacement is this little black and white cat with a very soft, kitten-like cry and who moves very slowly.

He likes to hide under the bush closest to the bird feeder (it’s a tall one so the birds are safe) though he’s never made any attempt chase any birds.

Black and white cat, Patches the Cat


I hope you enjoyed this random, personal post into my Life of Cats. 

Happy writing

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6 thoughts on “This Is Not My Cat

  1. Such cute kitties and stories 😊. When I was growing up the neighbours behind us had a cat that would visit our house all the time. Then one day the neighbours packed up to move and my mum was so worried they’d leave their cat behind, but they wanted to take him with them and literally had to come to our house to ask for their cat back 😅. It’s funny how some animals just like to visit lots of people.

  2. You are a good soul for having this many cats that come to seek a safe refuge, strokes and scritches Ari. I don’t know why people harm animals, any kind – it is beyond me. The other night, two different dogs were found abandoned, one in a crate, one just left in the street, both on busy roads, and unrelated instances. Of course, the requests to adopt these poor fur babies is long now. Hunter’s eyes mesmerized me a little – yikes, they must glow in the dark!

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