Ep 007 | The Merry Writer Podcast

A new podcast is now available.  The Merry Writer Podcast is a weekly show where Rachel and I ask and answer different writer questions.

There is an embedded Youtube video below of today’s topic, which is:

“Do You Prefer Paperback, Hardback, eBook or Audiobooks?”

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Episode 007

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11 thoughts on “Ep 007 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. I prefer ebooks becausr packing them to move is effortless. I have a sort of paranoia about needing to move quickly, and books are one of the most annoying/cumbersome things to pack.


    1) I agree about frikkin’ dust jackets. Wtf, man? But still, I will treat a hardback as something of a status symbol. If I want a nice looking copy, I’ll do a hardback.

    2) Non-fiction as audiobook does not please me as much. In fact, for non-fiction I prefer paperback I like having easy access to bibliographies and the ability to sticky note things I’d like to see later (mostly 19th century insults, if I want to be honest). Audiobooks give me the least flexibility for that opportunity.

    1. lol omg yes! I will give you that, having moved way more than I would have liked, I always remember how many boxes of books I had to pack and always had to keep them small in order to stop me from getting a hernia when moving them.

      I have very few hardbacks and I always take off the dust jackets, however two of them have NOTHING on the actual cover – not even just the title on the spine – it’s so infuriating.

      lol I love that you like looking up 19th century insults you HAVE to share some of your faves with me.

      1. If I get to it, I currently have a WIP slated to use it… but the WIP plan is ridiculously long and I have the feeling I won’t get to that point, haha

  2. I prefer paperbacks and hardcovers. There is a physical sensation you get from holding a book and smelling the pages that can only be duplicated in hardcover books. Ebooks and audiobooks are a distant third and fourth. Paperbacks have the benefit of easy portability. Unfortunately, the print can be uncomfortably small. The cover art can be mildly interesting but the hardcover version of the same title almost always gets the lions of attention. Sometimes a book will be published only hardcover and this can, quite literally, be a pain. If you’re in bed reading and you fall asleep it can fall out of your grip either crashing to the floor or it tries to rearrange your face. Most of the Harry Potter series are quilty of epidermal renovation. Some books that were popular 50 years ago a being re-printed as ebooks. I’m reading Fail-Safe right now but the experience isn’t the same. I ordered a copy of the paperback version and will switch to the paperback version as soon as it arrives.

    1. Exactly! books have such a nice smell, there is something wonderful in the tactility of books.

      I think audiobooks are great for some people, my grandmother listened to books on tape when her eyesight went, my brother loves audiobooks because he struggles to read.

      Even ebooks have their place for convenience, storage, not to mention to help those who’s eyesight might be going and can make the text bigger.

      I know what you mean, I’ve seen some paperbacks were the font size was ridicuously small (and in contrast some that was stupidly big).

  3. Another great podcast, for me I think audio books are cheating. Snobbish I know, but I feel I need to read the book and would go for an audio drama like they have on the radio over an audiobook.

    1. Thank you Chris (sorry for the delay, I’ve fallen behind on my blog comments).

      I remember the first time I heard about audiobooks was years ago, with the “Books on tape” which my grandmother used since she was losing her sight.

      My brother never enjoyed reading because he has dyslexia so he found a new love of stories via audiobooks.

      Me, I just can’t get into them enough – so I think they are great for some people but definitely not for me 🙂

      Ooh I like the idea of radio audio drama, I know of them, but never heard any

    1. Me too, there’s something wonderful about holding a physical book over staring at yet another screen. We do that enough writing the books! 😀

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