Tips For Book Openings

How do you start your book? Openings in books are so important as they are the third chance to catch your reader and the most vital. (The first two chances were the Cover and the Blurb).

But the opening will be the true test of whether your book is going to hook the reader and reel them in deep.

So today, I’m sharing an article by my author friend and fellow blogger K. M Allan who discusses book openings!

K.M. Allan

If you’ve entrenched yourself in the writing world, you’ve no doubt heard what doesn’t make for a good book opening.

These tips range from ditching prologues to the ultimate pressure inducing advice: the opening sentence/paragraph/page must automatically engage the reader or they won’t read on.

While this advice is enough to make you consider taking up a different career, ultimately, you should open your book with whatever is right for the story.

I did this for my debut, Blackbirch: The Beginning. It starts with another of those clichéd no-nos: a character having a dream. Dreams form a running theme throughout the book and serve as both a comfort and a warning for my main character. They also connect him to another important character who can only reach him through dreams.

Using this opening suits the story and sets the surreal tone, and (to my knowledge) no one who’s…

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5 thoughts on “Tips For Book Openings

    1. She always writes such awesome blog posts. I definitely always give my beginnings a harder stare than the rest of my book because they are just so damn important and I always feel mine are lacking

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