A Writer’s Guide… to Karate and Martial Arts

This is part of the  series of blog articles called “A Writer’s Guide…”, check out this article by writer Kyle Robertson on Karate and Martial Arts.

A Writer's Guide to... karate and martial arts by Kyle Robertson. Image: Fighters in karate gee

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How to avoid Female Stereotypes in your novel

So this article has been bumping around in my head for a while.  Probably because I’ve read books/seen movies that left me cringing at the stereotypes/clichés that popped their heads up.

Characters should be likeable and relatable (unless their purpose is to be the opposite) so throwing in stereotypes that can frustrate, annoy or offend is not helping to encourage people to read your work.

Title Image: How to avoid female stereotypes in your novel.  Image: image of several women

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How to make realistic memorable characters

Characters are the life breath of your novel so you need to create strong, realistic, memorable characters.  You want your readers to connect with them, to cheer for them, to grieve with them…to do that, you need to make realistic, memorable characters.

Title Image: How to make realistic, memorable characters part 1

In my ‘What you need to think about for awesome descriptions‘ I did mention characters briefly.  However, are some things to consider when creating characters.

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