Want to be part of the Writer’s Guide?

If you’ve visited this blog for a while, you will have seen my “A Writer’s Guide” series that usually goes live on Sundays.

These articles are written by guest writers who share their knowledge and expertise with all you lovely readers.

Well, I’m looking for more guests to be part of this series.  Want to gain some exposure, share your knowledge and help other writers?  Here’s what you need to know…


What is the Writer’s Guide?

“A Writer’s Guide” is a series of articles that are designed to share knowledge specifically of occupations and/or skills.

It was created with the idea that fiction writers out there could have a resource library of people’s expertise.

Whether they were creating characters in a certain job or writing action scenes that needed detailed information on poses, techniques etc.


Who writes for the Writer’s Guide?

Anyone can.  I accept guest writers for this series.  You don’t have to be a professional, just have a good knowledge of your chosen skill or occupation.


You don’t need a Ph.D in zoology to write an article about your job at the zoo.  It’s more about sharing what you know in a way that can be helpful to writers.

So if you think your job, your former job or your cool hobby would make great articles, I want to hear from you.


Is this Writer’s Guide for how to be a writer?

No, the Writer’s Guide is designed to help writers create CHARACTERS and flesh out their worlds with accurate DETAILS.

In the past, I’ve had a few people see the words “A Writer’s Guide” and rush in telling me about all the articles they can write on writing techniques.

That’s great, but they would be better served as a Wednesday’s Guest Post.

With the Writer’s Guide, think of it like a Primer – an educational article aimed at explaining something to a less-expert audience in a clear to understand way.


Can I write for the Writer’s Guide?

Yes!  Originally, I had chased down numerous people who had let slip they were skilled in some ability (eg martial arts, horseriding etc) or had worked in an interesting occupation (eg dance trapeze artist, opera singer etc)

Now, I still keep an eye out for people who might have something I feel would be great for the Writer’s Guide series, but I don’t have the same time to hunt them out.  Hence why I’m posting this here in hopes of snaring more people to the Guide.

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So if you have a skill you think might be useful for the series or work/have worked in an interesting occupation that people might want details on, then I want to hear from you!

I do many awesome things, can I write more than 1 article?

Sure you can!  I’ve already had a few writers do multiple articles for different topics they were able to share knowledge on.  I am always happy to accept more than one article.


What do I need to do?

Firstly, check out this page that goes through all the requirements I need from you such as word count, format, layout etc.

The point of these articles is to be detailed enough to be helpful, but not so detailed that it becomes overwhelming for the reader.


The best articles include pictures for clarity, explain terminology, break down details into categories that would be of use.

Here are three great articles to check out as they do a wonderful job of explaining details:

A Writer’s Guide to Boats and Ships

A Writer’s Guide to being a Dance Trapeze Artist

A Writer’s Guide to Librarianship

All existing series articles are listed in their own page here: A Writer’s Guide

Secondly, contact me about a topic you are interested in writing for the Guide series and especially let me know a deadline when you could have it completed.


Do you (or someone you know) have a hobby, skill or occupation you should share in the Writer’s Guide?

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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5 thoughts on “Want to be part of the Writer’s Guide?

  1. I’m retired equestrian journalist who covered mainly eventing and carriage driving. But I also marketed organic food when it was cranky in the 1970s. I’ve also been a green campaigner for decades, including as International Secretary for the Ecology Party in the UK. Now, I write mysteries that sometimes feature the issues that motivate me.

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